Once again I find myself missing some photo management tool that allows me to tag people/places and then search for combinations, like "tag:Tobi AND tag:Berlin AND date.month=12"

Recommendations? Bonus points for bulk actions, because importing that many photos sounds painful.

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@unixwitch Das hat keine Datumsfilter, soweit ich sehen kann

@unixwitch Ah, ich hatte aufgehört, digikam zu benutzen, als es bei meiner Menge an Bildern einfach meine CPU anfing aufzufressen.

@rixx I use Shotwell to organise my images. I don't use the tag function at all, but it has a really advanced, if not so nice, search function.

@rixx Darktable certainly has both bulk editing ( in the gui, and to some extent on the cli ) and tagging and searching/sorting features.

It is more of a RAW manager/editor. But it works with most image formats, runs on most systems, and stores image data in side-car files instead of a central database.

The latter is nice because your tags, ratings, edits etc sit next to the image in your backups and such, instead of you having to backup some secret sqllite file in ~/.config

I ❤️ Darktable.

@rixx FWIW - the sidecar file format is not particularly well documented. But it is XML and fairly obvious.

I've written some scripts to deal with bulk actions using the side-cars before. e.g "Archive all images rated less than 3 stars in a tarball."

@s Honestly, I might prefer a sqlite file in general, because I can shove that into my datasette and my soon-to-be-built dogsheep instance for easy searching, filtering, faceting etc.

@s oh where is the search? Couldn't find it earlier today.

@rixx With Gwenview you can search for multiple tags and add other filters.

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