There was a TON of interest, so you leave me no choice ( Introducing:

πŸ›‹ CozyConf πŸ›‹

Dec 27th-30th, hanging out (chat + video chat) with friends and friends-to-be, watching streams, playing games, running smol workshops. DM me if you want in.

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If you don't want in, you probably better mute CozyConf (yes, naming is hard), because that's what I'll be on about for the rest of the month.

@rixx is it kinda gonna be affiliated with ccc, which is happening on the same dates, or totally unrelated ?

@cyplo I believe CCC is not taking place this year. RC3 is the replacement, but seems to run on a closed platform, so there's no real way to be affiliated with it. CozyConf is aiming to be much smaller and at most culturally adjacent

@rixx sounds very cool, though i dont know how much time I’ll have for it πŸ™ˆ

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