I made this thing for definitely very serious and good reasons. (curlyboi is the logo of PyCon AU)

should be curlybos -> curlyboi

but it's cute nevertheless

@wolf480pl No, it should not – the icon has been called "curlyboi" since forever. Hence the joke.

@rixx hence the joke doesn't work, it was plural to begin with

@rixx oooh because the transition from curlyboi to curlyboroi isn't the same as from orobouros to orobuoroi.
It's the same as the transition from snek to orobouros

so the picture is missing:
- ouros ("tail", or a regular snake)
- ouroi
- curlybos
- curlyboros

@rixx curlybos would be just one of the multiple colorful segments of curlyboi

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