I've heard many people complain about the doomscrolling effect recently, and I've been mostly logged out from social media for that reason. So here's something nice: I built a thing!
More precisely, I built a birthday present for my mother.

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Her desk stands on a platform (background of the pic above), and her bed is underneath, hidden during the day. But the platform is 50cm high, so climbing down from it is a bit annoying.

After sneakily measuring the platform, I made a Highly Professional Prototype:

My grandparents supplied some tools, friends supplied advice and general amusement, siblings supplied good arguments that made me change the plan from fancy step stool wheels to the front wheels you see in the first picture.

It took a lot of drawing.

And then it took a lot of work, under less than ideal circumstances – since hardware stores were closed, I mostly made do with what I had.

The wheels are from my old skates, the fabric is from my old curtains, the oil is from our kitchen table, …

… but it all worked out in the end. When you lift it (I attached a strap), it gets lowered onto the wheels and you can move it easily. The front-facing fabric is held by two pieces of wood on each side, so you can swap it out. And best of all: it's stable and neat and useful.

It really really sucked to take with public transport though

@rixx ohh, more pictures \o/ hmmm, no visible screws on the finished part… did you use dowels? or just glue?

@daniel_bohrer I really really wanted to use dowels my clever joints, but for the sake of stability (I really don't want to cause an accident), I went with metal brackets on the inside. You can see them on one of the last pictures.

@rixx ahh I see. It's definitely easier than lining up dowel holes 🙂

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