Are software engineers really engineers?

If you work with software, you probably have an opinion on the topic. Unless you're also a classical engineer, why not read Hillel's cool crossover project first? Based on interviews with 17 people who have worked in both areas, to clear up misconceptions. The first part was just published:

Also, you have to wait for part 2 and 3, and that's a nice exercise in waiting to form your opinion or your comment.


haha, imagine asking the internet to *wait* before forming an opinion

ridiculous, I deserved everything I got

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@rixx argh, feeling so ashamed 🙈. Read the intro, wanted to tell a non-opinionated anecdote, got distracted by offline world before reading the article, had another thought, posted without thinking....and lost all my internet points for today. It happens so quickly 😭

@rami kinda same here, read your post, than the initial post from @rixx added the article to my reading list and thought "just this thought" about what @rami wrote. And then I said very long that the topic sounds interesting but I'm not the main audience. Happens :/

@leah @rami haha, all good, I didn't really think it would work, but I had to try!

@rixx I just learnd about design patterns. Guess that makes the reading a bit easier?

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