Feeling very Seen right now. I still choose search terms like it's 2010.

@rixx why would you type in a complete question even in 2021? I never heard anyone say it's weird to put search queries like that

@cato Well, in my experience, it has become normal for many people to write out entire questions

@glow @rixx “how long do brussel sprouts take in an airfryer” 🤷🏻

@rixx I wish the last panel was still true. I fell like I am mostly getting garbage these days.

@vollkorn @rixx I would be happy if the results actually included the words I would search for, especially if I put them in quotation marks...

And those spam domains make it even worse. I mean: Two non-spam results on the first three pages? C'mon DuckDuckGo, you can do better.


@rixx wait, you can do full questions now? Is this what they broke the strictness of search for? *This*!?! What a sad time.

@rixx But when you put the keywords in quotation marks, it would search for the exact phrase?!?

@rixx it's probably a good feature. I *might* want to prioritize the first word...

@rixx Somehow this feels oddly calming.

Like a warm Sunday afternoon in the garden without worries.

@rixx I’m confused. How do young people search these days? Isn’t this the only way? 🤯

@rixx Yes but it doesn't work like it used to :( You can't get the precision you want. I'm frequently tempted to give in and run my own crawler+indexer with real altavista-like search.

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