My mail client now shows how many attachments there are in an email. I didn't realise I was missing this until somebody said "as the spreadsheet shows" and the spreadsheet is buried in a 50 email conversation.

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Honestly, I should have blurred out the timestamps instead of the subjects 😳

@rixx thank you! <3 I've been wanting that for my neomuttrc for over a year, but never got enough motivation to find out how to implement it…

@rixx funny, I was writing "Iosevka" first, then deleting it again, because I was thinking about the font with the fancy ligatures

@daniel_bohrer I don't actually like fancy ligatures in my terminal fonts tbh, I'm afraid.

@rixx that's okay. My terminal font is the usual 7x13 bitmap font, so I'm waaay out of this league.

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