What I really mean is: Can anybody help me figure out why DirectX won't install on this box? Tried 5.0 and 6.0 and both just ... won't.

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Google is completely thrown by the IE version and focuses its results on "wtf is going on here". Understandable.

SECURITY ALERT!!! You're about to view pages over a sEcUrE connection aaaaah

Didn't know I still remembered the max possible points, but apparently I do

also all level layouts

@rixx wait, three 3½" floppy drives? I have questions! :D

@daniel_bohrer Virtualbox default setup for the image I got from!

@rixx Schnell, installier eine ZoneAlarm 😌 ☝️

@rixx hmm, do you have 3d acceleration enabled in virtualbox? (although I could imagine that direct3d doesn't know how to handle it...)

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