I just finished my first ever speedrun of a game, and this is honestly such a good feeling.

(this is a terrible time, as is expected of a first run)

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Getting there involved a ton of patient practising and repetition. Practise, particularly at success rates of, like, 8%, used to be very frustrating and hard for me. Feeling pretty proud right now.

So I practised a bit more, and got two better times pretty much back to back. No longer the end of the leaderboard, this puts me at about 88/104.

Speedrunning is emotionally exhausting. Constant change in feelings between "shit I'm so clumsy I'm surprised I can walk" and "woah pretty gamer", plus a constant "I'm behind, fuck. Aaah, now I'm ahead, the pressure". Pretty fun if you're into emotions.

@rixx looks like the coffee list in the office 😁☕☕☕

@rixx "Pretty fun if you're into emotions."
No thanks, turned those off in light of current events and political decisions ;)

@hadez yea, very sensible, hence my disclaimer

@rixx ya ;) sad times, but i found myself doing a lot of gaming recently as well. escapism is real :)

@rixx Nice! Yet alone the fact that you pulled it off is impressive - keep going :)

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