Met people for the first time in *ages* on Saturday, and went home by bike. I'm still super slow on a bike, but in my defense, it was dark and I was a bit past sober and didn't know the way. Longest ride this year!

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Kinda proud of not chickening out. I mean, the train was right there! Excellent hangover prevention, too.

@rixx ~19km/h is not slow tbh that is a decent pace for just commuting on a normal bike.
But nice :)

@erikk Strava may have broken my sense of "normal" to be fair

@breakthesystem 🥰 thank you! It was so much fun, and I really wasn't sure beforehand that it wouldn't be too much/too far

@rixx oh wow, 18 km/h on average is definitely over my usual avg speed for such a distance!

@daniel_bohrer I was super surprised tbh. In Berlin proper, my speed was more around 16kmh at best, but the flat and smooth bike paths when leaving the busy streets were pretty amazing

(even the parts with no lights between the villages :D)

Nice ride
Berlin is impressively flat, 84m of elevation gained, I want that too :/

@gom there's a reason I moved back here <3

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