Pretty proud of this one, despite sinking unreasonable amounts of time into it. Lookatit 🌈

(My new desk will arrive today and is going to stand in front of it)

"Unreasonable amounts of time" here means sanding every surface at least three times, then applying oil/colour and repeating where necessary. The side parts in particular are, uhm, not an ideal shape for sanding and oiling.

A better look at the colours:

About six hours on the sides and eight hours on the shelves in terms of pure time working on it, plus getting them here, then getting the shelves to my grandparents' house and back again. (Sanding sixteen boards is much more comfortable outdoors and with tools than doing it by hand at home)

Aaaaand I'm done! Everything's working, both the PC and the laptop dock (both using the same peripherals). Cable management is tbd 🥴

@rixx The arrangement feels quite similar to mine. Looks very cozy with the wood grain.

@MacLemon Thanks! Oiled wood is one of my favourite tactile experiences, I'm super happy with this

@rixx wie teilst du die USB-Geräte zwischen PC und Laptop? Ich habe dafür so nen USB 3 Umschalter aber der neigt leider dazu, ab und zu kurz abzufallen.

@Nervengift Mach ich auch so. Ich habe zwei USB-Hubs verkettet, einer davon mit Umschalter. Funktioniert für mich sehr stabil.

@rixx hmm, vielleicht brauche ich dann doch einfach mal nen neuen. Die Rezensionen bei allen, die ich gefunden habe, waren aber nur so mäßig...
Was hast du für ein Modell?

@Nervengift – ich hab das jetzt nicht in sonderlich schwerem Einsatz, weil ich das meiste Arbeiten doch am Laptop abseits des Schreibtischs erledige, aber zum Zocken und gelegentlichen Streamen ist er gut genug. Ich schleife u.a. Webcam und Tastatur und Maus darüber.

@rixx @Nervengift ich habe den gleichen und es funktioniert auch bei mir gut

@rixx Splendid :D Which colours/oil did you use? I have a bunch of boring wooden shelves ^^

@fr___g Basic oil with a light brown colour for the sides. For the colours I went with – I needed only a single coat for the results you see here, which was unexpected and pretty damn cool.

@rixx The colours are so beautifully vibrant! 😍
Did you use chalk-based colours?

@rixx Oh, cool. Wusste gar nicht, dass es Lasuren in so vielen und vor allem kräftigen Farben gibt.
Und danke für den Link! Es wird zwar noch 'ne Zeit dauern, aber ich habe auch noch 'n Holzaufarbeitungsprojekt im Keller stehen – 'nen schönen Buffet-Schrank.

@manuel Ich kannte das nur von Spielzeug, und hab danach ne Weile gesucht. Gefunden hab ichs auf Amazon, wo in den Rezensionen geile Bilder waren – aber dann natürlich beim Laden direkt bestellt.

@rixx Wie es sich gehört :D
Nochmal danke für den Link, und für deine Vorarbeit in Sachen Recherche.

@rixx oh god yes, these Ivar shelves can takes ages to sand :D I don't understand why they even deliver them in such a rough shape (wait no, I do, it's because of cost savings…) but I've been in your situation more than once too, although without the beautiful colours! 😁
Did you use an oil stain (Lasur), or some other way of colouring?

@daniel_bohrer Ja, die Farben sind lasiert, die Seiten geölt. – ich muss dazu sagen, dass die Farben, die du da siehst, ohne Zweitlasur sind. Echt krass.

@rixx looks great, much better than my Ivar interpretations.

@rixx most of the time just plain oil, and then hide the results behind roll-up shades or curtains in front of it. I moved a few times, so i tried variations, but never colors :(

@benno Yeah, oil is the minimum viable way to work with Ivar, I think – leaving them untreated is just 🥴 Curtains do sound cool, that never occurred to me!

My mother used white semi-transparent paint on hers and they look pretty nice (but of course, like mine now, super annoying to dust because no very smooth surface)

@rixx yeah, oil is the minimum for wiping the dust of once every few years. Could not aford paint back then :flan_posh:
But yours should have a smooth surface now, no?

@benno Smooth-ish, but the colours are not as easy to wipe down as the oil (and probably wouldn't thank me for wet wiping either). I generally prefer oiled wood, and used that for the sides, but just couldn't resist the colours!

@rixx you could put some clear lacquer over the color, but at some point that just overdoing it ;)

@benno haha, I could! But I doubt I'll take the shelves down again, and tbh I'm not great with lacquer. It's so much harder to apply evenly, and so much more punishing when you fail!

@rixx that looks great! what is unreasonable about a couple days work for a beautiful useful thing? you take care of that shelf and it will take care of you for perhaps a decade or more! small price to pay for happiness in my opinion..

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