Trying to cure my election-induced depression by buying old books.

I swear I would have bought the reprint, but there was a 1928 edition that was cheaper? So. What's a nerd to do.


Now, you could argue that a barely-more-expensive reprint is better, because it's less likely to fall apart. Which would be true – but the reprint is also just a shoddy printout of the Google Books scan, yikes.

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Related: Imagine a world where print-on-demand book quality isn't even worse than niche 70s scifi paperbacks, by the way.

Like, at least add line spacing?

Got my book, and not only is it gorgeous and in excellent condition (which isn't a given, as a cheap 93 y/o book!), it also contains FOLD-OUTS 😍. Bet those aren't in the print-on-demand reprint!

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