Just pushed Python 3.10 to AUR – get it while it's hot!

(A day behind the release party because I caught a cold and spent the last day being miserable)

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@rixx Or am i just missing a otherwise-obvious way to install it?

@kunsi @rixx Does `python -m pip` work?
I think this is the recommended way of using pip now:

@esclear @kunsi This! python3.10 -m pip is the best way of making sure you get the pip you want. Linking to pip3.10 could be an option, but not sure if it's worth it – and since it's never been done on AUR python packages, starting now when this calling method is less preferred might be more confusing.

@rixx @esclear hmmm .... 🤔

$ python3.10 -m pip
/usr/bin/python3.10: No module named pip

(env)$ python -m pip

/tmp/tmp/python310/env/bin/python -m pip <command> [options]

Something is broken, but i'm not sure if it's my setup ...

@kunsi Huh. Yeah, you're right, and apparently this never worked with the custom PKGBUILDS? Doesn't work for me with 3.6/7/8 either.

I never noticed this because I never use pip outside virtualenvs (in fact, I have set a shell variable that blocks pip use outside an environment), and it … magically works in a virtualenv?

@kunsi Extra weird because the generated pip executive just does "from pip._internal.cli.main import main", sooo …??

@rixx @kunsi My secret notes stash suggests to use

python3.10 -m ensurepip

Untested on Arch, since I (mostly) don’t do Linux.

@MacLemon @kunsi That does it, thanks! I'll see if I can add that to the post-install hooks …

@kunsi Hm, actually looks a bit tricky, or at least I haven't managed to figure out how to use the post install hook to do this :/

Since it's only necessary on first install and only if you're not using virtualenvs, I think I'll leave it alone for now

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