I have a free weekend ahead of me and need to shut down my brain for a bit, so: Please sell me on your favourite musicals!

@rixx do musical films fit? Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

@blizzz really dislike the singing in that one tbh

@rixx The Rocky Horror Show

It‘s a double feature (picture) show with aliens!

@daftwullie feels like I'd lose my queer history badge if I hadn't seen that one - but great sell nonetheless!

@rixx The Blues Brothers. There are Illinois Nazis getting run into a river and crashed into a Winnebago.

@Moutmout I had meant to get around to that one, good shout!

@rixx *doesn‘t have a favorite musical* 😔

@rixx Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog! Wonderfully satirized cliché characters, but mostly because of the catchy earworms. And Nathan Fillion! And it's available on YouTube!

@daniel_bohrer Good one, it's time again! Used to be that I could watch Dr Horrible nearly weekly, which went down to monthly, then yearly, and now I'm pretty good with 2-3 years of pause in between tbh

@rixx Paging @Columbia 🚨 This is the moment you’ve been training for!

@rixx "The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals" by Team StarKid (aka StarKid Productions).

- appropriate for spoopy time
- relatively small prodution
- off Broadway
- freely available online (at least on YouTube)
- crowdfounded
- contemporary humor

I'm not much of a seller. Only things I can really say are that I really liked it, laughed my butt off at some parts, and Team StarKid (re)ignited my interest in musicals.

@rixx Hairspray (the 2007 musical movie). It has wonderful characters, lovely dancing and John Travolta in a female role. Great fun!

Do we talk about live performance or movied?
- Starlight Express
- Little Shop of Horrors
- Les Miserables
- Little Shop of Horrors
- Kiss Me, Kate
- My Fair Lady
@Columbia @rixx

@ArnimRanthoron @viennawriter @rixx If we talk about live performances I would like to add the slightly newer works Wicked and Billy Elliot (the movie was first, but is not the musical!).

@Columbia @ArnimRanthoron @viennawriter Oh god, flashbacks to when I watched the movie expecting the musical. That was.... an evening

@ArnimRanthoron @viennawriter @rixx Oh and also Cabaret. A wonderful classic in movie and on stage.

@ArnimRanthoron @viennawriter And let’s not forget Chicago. And how many time did you want to spend actually @rixx

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