Found a copy of _Labyrinths_ on the curb and started re-reading it. Oh yeah, Borges really was good. Everybody knows that but you can go twenty or thirty years without checking in.

(You can't believe how pretentious I'm being by firing up the ol' mastodon account with Borges stanning. I know. I know.)

The next thought after that was to write a game that passes itself off as Borges fanfic but it's actually _Book of the War_ fanfic.

You know how the rooms in the Library of Babel are all hexagonal? Slap a hexgonal console in the center of one and you're golden.


@zarfeblong Oh I thought you'd go "but it's actually Labyrinth, the movie, fanfic". Labyrinths, but every story needs to contain at least one (1) David Bowie?

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