Oh Facebook. New patent for their analysation strategies for if people belong to the upper, middle, or working class. Yay.

(Determining features: "Demographic data", device ownership, internet usage, travel history, household data, socioeconomic group)

@rixx @voidspace I bet they get it wrong, too. I've been in the UK for 18 years and I still can't figure out how nuances of class actually work here. It's never simple, unless you're asking "do you own the means of production?"

@artsyhonker @voidspace Isn't asking people if they own the means of production terribly un-British though, in terms of social behaviour?

I'd have expected the English way to be something like "Monitor which kinds of tea that person drinks, and if they say 'hm' or 'hmmmm' if they don't agree with something. Then wildly speculate internally, but remain unsure about the actual facts.".

@rixx @artsyhonker @voidspace Though I'm half-expecting someone to pop up and tell me that the internal speculation is something the upper classes don't bother with (they *know* they are better than you) and working classes also have little time for (nothing to lose by being blunt). Like I said, it's complicated. ;-)

@artsyhonker @rixx

I'm not sure that the "means of production" part has anything to do with class. Or did you mean that it doesn't or needn't?

@voidspace @artsyhonker @rixx It was a joke, but ownership and control of the means of production is pretty crucial to economic class, from a Marxist point of view.

@rixx the saddest thing is there is so much prior art for this bullshit

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