Have you heard of StreetComplete? It's an Android app that shows you open questions/issues with OpenStreetMap in your area, and asks you to answer them.

It's made for people with no experience with , so it shows only very simple questions that can be answered very clearly. ("What is printed on this street sign?", "What's the number on this house?")

It's available on @fdroidorg, of course!

@rixx @fdroidorg It's pretty great, I've been using it for a couple of months now to improve OSM every time I walk around town 👌

@rixx It's actually really fun, it's like Mapdefect GO.

@rixx @fdroidorg I'm considering installing it and taking it for a spin. Mostly I've been doing map editing for HOT.

@rixx @fdroidorg I hadn't heard of StreetComplete. Pretty cool. I've answered a question about the road surface. Going to answer a speed limit question next. Thanks for this.

@rixx Thanks for the recommendation! I just installed it... and OsmAnd at the same time, adios Google Maps :)

Do you know where I can find a list of all the questions that can be answered? In my area, I only see house number and street name.

@saper @vanecx There's also a list in the settings. Did you know that you can turn off some quests, or rearrange them to show things you want to map?

AFAIR, it only shows max 3 different types of quests at a time (which I personally don't like)

@rixx Now if only there were a way to anonymously upload the data so that following my OSM account isn't both a good reference for where I frequent and also a live way to tell when and where I'm traveling.

@rixx (To be clear, I use it anyway, but some better privacy would be nice.)

@aschmitz @rixx I saw lots of comments from users that were anonymous to #OSM editors. Maybe it could work the same way.

@aschmitz @rixx (Sorry for late reply) Can you say what you mean by privacy? Did you know #OSM is starting to restrict the data available to strip out metadata that can identify people for non-internal users? (due to #GDPR)

cf. Geofabrik Download server now does it:

@rixx @rory may be missing from the threading, but the simpler version is, for example:

If I were to contribute fixes largely near my house, it would not be hard to figure out where I live, to within a short distance. If I were to do it under my name, this would be even easier to link to me. Then if I make StreetComplete changes to the map elsewhere, you can infer that I'm not home when making those changes.

@rixx @rory I didn't know that there's an effort underway to strip some of that metadata from the public data, but at least the GeoFabrik stuff looks like you can still get the full data by logging in with an OSM account. That's a pretty low bar since anyone can create an account. (At least the site implies that any such account would work - I didn't try it.)

Also, does that mean the changesets will be disappearing/censored?

@aschmitz @rixx Ah I understand. Yes this is an issue with #OpenStreetMap. You can always have many different accounts? AFAIK OSM will move to the "metadata stripped" files later. OSM is also working on a Terms of Use which would (on paper) prohibit doing something nasty.

Annoyingly, vandalism detection, and monitoring is much much easier if you have usernames & timestamps, hence why it's been kept.

#OSM can "redact" part of the history, but that's for copyright infringement.

Hab ich gleich mal ausprobiert. Das ist ja cool!

@rixx @fdroidorg I think it's pretty neat. Used it a few times and found it very pleasant to work with. Especially when used on the go.

@rixx For those using iOS, it looks like #kort is a similar app:

Supports both iOS and Android.

@rixx @fdroidorg This is quite cool! I wonder how well this approach could work for gathering other types of data. 😏

@rixx @saper @fdroidorg
aaaaand, now I have a new hobby.
I mean, I rely on OSMand to navigate, so, only fair.

@rixx @saper @fdroidorg
TIL that OSM has no idea what any road in the UK is made of…

@shadowfirebird (sorry for late reply) hehehe. It's because the road surface was/is rarely added. I think many in the UK don't care since you can assume asphalt, so no-one has bothered. But in some places (e.g. Australia) it's important.

@rixx @fdroidorg nice, will try that because contributing to such an awesome thing like is...well awesome :awesome: :anarchoheart2:

@rixx fucking love OSM, mastodon mappers unite!

@spudboy "mastodon mappers" 🙂 Did you know about this instance for OSM? It's a Mapstodon instance. 😉

@rixx I just wish there was a way I could get credit for my JOSM edits lol. Like, fuck, every street around me is asphalt, this is getting tedious

@rixx @fdroidorg hm, no single quest around me. Seems it does not work

@rixx @fdroidorg wow, great! Thank you for the hint. I've been using Vespucci so far to edit #OpenStreetMap, which also is a great OSM editor and works very, very well. But being pointed by StreetComplete to specific issues helps to contribute in a very targeted manner. #mapping #android #apps #recommendation

@rixx heck, I'm a long time #OpenStreetMap mapper and I love #StreetComplete. I can edit so quickly on the go with it

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