Sara (aspigirlcodes on Twitter) made a SPACE STATION GENERATOR and I love the combination of genart and hand-drawn components:

Herbert once said that Schoenherr was the only man who has ever visited Dune. Illustrations:

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Or this excellent throne room art that shows the ridiculous sense of scale present in the books! (via DeviantArt,

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I didn't like Dune much while reading it, but if there has to be a new movie, I don't want it to be one among thousands. I imagine watching “Jodorowsky's Dune” has spoiled me senseless. But look at Giger's concept art!

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My current todo list is not so much too long as it is fragmented, so I drew* a roadmap. This is the version with most project names redacted, enjoy!

* I cannot, in fact, draw.

So even with cutting out super interesting thoughts because they don't fit my interests *perfectly*, this is what my personalised schedule looks like. Timeturner, anybody?
Adjust stereo to hear one talk per ear? Ahh.

(yes, pretalx now can do personalised!)

Upgrading to Django 3.1, and I definitely spent less time on the upgrade itself and more on going through all the deprecation warnings in dependencies, making sure they had been reported already, and then reminding myself again how filterwarnings work.

Let me tell you about our Lord and Saviour, "# pragma: no cover"

Also, the Sunday social activities will be amazing and I'm so ready for them. Lightning Talks! Mariokart tournament! Curlyboi Fest!

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Wer nur noch die Schönheit sieht
der geht in die Irre
Wer nur noch die Häßlichkeit sieht
der geht in die Irre
Wer nur noch den Kampf gegen Unrecht sieht
der geht in die Irre

-- Erich Fried

pretalx now has a Funding page that explains how you can support the project financially, if you want to, and it's linked whereever the documentation refers to missing features.

I'm looking for an Android 10 phone that is under 6" – any opinions on any of these? Search details here:

Well, they screwed up the series casting. Good to know early on that this won't be required watching.

In this picture: Cheery, Angua, Lady Ramkin, Sam Vimes, Detritus, Carrot.

If you're shipping a Django project that other people use, you can now explain the error emails they are getting and badger them into opening bug reports! This error reporter adds a text explanation to the top, and a tl;dr to top and bottom of the exception email:

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Discord is really one of those applications that I can enjoy using, and this dropdown menu shows some of the reason: It's made for actual people, not people-shaped user stories.

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