Detail view for the previous image: A pipeline running on every commit.

- It runs my linter
- It builds the documentation. If the documentation builds, the build is pushed to the docs webserver.
- It notifies GitHub that it starts running checks for this commit. Then it tests against the three supported databases (each for two Python versions, which is hidden here). If all of those succeed, GitHub gets a green result.
- If the Postgres test succeeds, it is deployed to my staging instance.

I really like the dashboard tiles in Concourse CI (the striped parts are moving in the web interface). At first glance I can see that:

- Some part of the first stage has failed
- Parts of the second stage are still building
- One part of the final stage has never been executed yet

Of course this is only a rough overview, but much better than a single green/yellow/red for a complex build pipeline.

Going by logo, PyCon UK is definitely one of the best PyCons – and their CfP is open, so go and submit a talk:

Ohh, lavarel has pretty error/debug pages in development mode. It would be nice to see something like this in Django, too! (Note the google/duckduckgo/stack overflow links?)

Knock it off, k9, you're not even supposed to sync anything in the background at all!

Die möglichen Kündigungszeitpunkte sind verwirrend.

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