So a friend just released the best thing: randomly generated queer Nordic valknuts. Make your own, Norse fans!

In all seriousness, though: Did you know you can add syntax highlighting to your man pages? It makes them much easier to read, at least for me, because the colour highlights commands and flags and sections. This is how you'd do it with less as pager and zsh as shell, but you can do it with all shells and all pagers worth bothering.

Did you know there is an info command, that often gives you way more in-depth information than simple man pages? It's super good:

- obscure so you can feel good about using it
- doesn't use regular pager so you have to learn how to use it every time
- intuitive interface (pictured)

So my domain checker has finished running. Of the 7467 instances currently known to

- 20.6% don't even have DNS records any longer
- 38.4% have not been reachable over HTTP (10s timeout)
- 46.3% have not been reachable over HTTPS (10s timeout, invalid certs counted as unreachable)
- 30.3% have v6 DNS records

@pamela, @kurtm, @benno – look how Mastodon search is perfect!

Ok, but you really should read up on the origin of the name "penguin diagram": Due to a drunk bet, Ellis had to put the word "penguin" into his next paper. He had no idea how to manage that, until he smoked some weed and discovered that his diagram was vaguely penguin shaped. 😂🤣🐧

Leider ist die Rakete beim Transport gebrochen. Der Ersatzteig war weniger gut, zu viel Backpulver. Fürchte, die Ersatzrakete sieht etwas uninspiriert aus.

I made a thing! Noch nicht geölt, aber sonst bin ich ganz zufrieden. Zwei Minuten an der Fräse, dann eine Stunde schleifen, etwa.

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