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Erst instagram, jetzt signal, "aufgeben und halt doch benutzen" ist wohl grad das Motto.

OR: slideware – software that only exists on marketing presentations.

It seems the server is catching up – our backlog is shrinking continuously, so the missing statuses should start to show up. I'll be offline for a short bit (shower), then a long bit (50 minutes way to work), so if against all odds things don't fix themselves, please be patient just a bit longer.

We're up to last night's release of v2.6.3 – now all we can do is hope that it's good enough, and wait while our poor server works its way through its tasks.

Apparently we're seeing the results of a Mastodon bug, which is why my fix from last night (it worked at 3am!) did not take. Upgrading now, hold on to something.

I investigated the current problem and completed some dark rituals – if all goes well, we should be back into regular operations in a few hours – our server is currently hard at work playing catch-up with the rest of the fediverse. Please be patient, get some sleep/offline enjoyment, and check back in the morning.

Whelp, we see a still increasing amount of sidekiq tasks on, we seem to be backlogged by about six hours. I can't see any reason for this – the tasks don't seem out of the ordinary, disk i/o is fine, … I'm not sure what is going on. Any ideas?

Liebe Leute in der lokalen Timeline: wir wissen Bescheid, aber kann sein, dass ihr auf den Fix noch etwas warten müsst.

Was muss man INWX eigentlich geben, damit sie einfach Dauerlastschriften für Domains anbieten?

Uuund es ist rausgekommen, dass ich mir die Hälfte meiner Bewerbungen hätte sparen können, weil sie zu nah an einem schon geförderten Projekt waren. Autsch.

[x] Receives SMS notifications on monitoring alerts.

Looks like I'm close to ready to start my SaaS hosting officially and all!

"Customer acknowledges that software cannot actually be without defect." – Nonono, dear Terms of Use, but I'll acklowledge that *your* software cannot actually be without defect.

Ich mein. "Customer acknowledges that software cannot actually be without defect."

Ich kann ja diese unendlichen Seiten Terms&Conditions, Acceptable Use, Support Policy und Supplemental Terms nur lesen, weil mir eine kleine Stimme die Absätze in kurz und pampig formuliert.

Endlich aufgegeben, und einen Instagram-Account gemacht. Mpf.

Hier, Adventskalender-Blogpost-foo: Ich glaub, ich mach lieber Adventswochenenden-Posts. Vier geplante Posts dürften etwas mehr Qualität haben als 24 tägliche …

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Webseiten, die ihren Register-Button deutlicher hervorheben als ihren Login-Button, wirken auf mich immer etwas verzweifelt.

(Abgesehen davon dass das die Botschaft vermittelt, dass man wenn man erstmal Kunde ist, nicht mehr so wichtig ist.)

This is a *very* good interview defining the term "emotional labor", with Prof. Hochschild, who introduced the term. It speaks to my feeling that the term is applied to scenarios it's not suited best for:

"It seems like this is mostly becoming a popular term in feminist conversations. But if we talk about all the unpaid labor women do in the home as “emotional labor,” we’re insinuating that any kind of labor that falls most often to a woman is “emotional.”"

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