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putting a recording of a woman asking what something is at the bottom of a well so every cishet man dives in and gets stuck forever

Nova Launcher (a recommendation ages ago by @rami) is not only still my favourite, the bestest, and most configurable launcher for android, no, it also comes with an excellent backup/restore mechanism, that nearly made me forget I had switched phones. ❤️

Oh, DNS66 is free/open/available on f-droid, this looks neat.

Which ad blocker do you use on Android? I've used blockthis until now, but I've heard good things about Blokada, too.

Ach man ey, ich hab doch immer Moto gekauft, weil da die Spamware nicht so arg war, nur die Google-Sachen halt. Jetzt: LinkedIn und Outlook, defuq.

Ich sollte das in einem "How I set up my phone: apps and more" dokumentieren, in dem ich zwei Seiten lang erzähle, wie das rooten scheiterte, und am Ende ne kurze Appliste anhänge.

Tja, das oem unlock -> void warranty war wohl für die Katz, das verfügbare Boot-Image führt zuverlässig in den Boot-Loop. Aber, äh, schönes TWRP, das ich jetzt da habe?

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„Was ist das?“
„Zwei kaputte Festplatten.“
„Seagate oder Seagate nicht.“

Never mind, I apparently fucked up while rooting the device and now it's not booting. Fun.

Was will man denn gerade so als Android-Backup-Foo? Immer noch Titanium?

Currently going through every docs directory in a range of projects, and using zsh path substitution was never so helpful!

$ pwd
$ cd foo bar
$ pwd

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Retaining compatibility to inconsistent, undocumented, changing APIs is just so much fun. Even more so when you're expected to produce the exact same output as said APIs.

Wow, makes for 541MB in browser data for me currently O__o

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Wie @pavel23 auf Twitter feststellte, wird „steile Lernkurve“ (viel lernen in kurzer Zeit) oft falsch im Sinne von ,schwer zu lernen, schwierig‘ verwendet; das gehört in die Kategorie: „Quantensprung“ und „mit Augenmaß“; solche Phänomene interessieren mich sehr! Wer noch welche weiß: immer her damit!

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@bob @yukiame Having done a lot of conferences, with "my business is a free software business" as justification, I've found the main value they provide is:

a) morale boosting / motivation
b) community credibility
c) making online comms easier

That's about it. Putting a price tag on those things is very hard.

Maybe other people get more direct biz value out of these events, but I suspect it's often just a perk for staff retention.

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