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Honestly, use what does the job for you best, but stop complaining about other people's setup when it works for them and does not keep them from doing the actual work.

Example sections are the best part of man pages and I wonder if I should just try to add them to the man pages that don't have them. But otoh that means getting into a hundred different contribution methods, …

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@rixx *cue joke about waiting for HTTP/3.11 for Workgroups*

[x] Umsatzsteuererklärung
[x] Einkommensteuererklärung
[x] EÜR

Dobby ist ein freier Elf!

Hm, gibts mittlerweile Einkommensteuer-Helfer, die im Browser laufen? Die letzten Jahre hab ich mir immer ne Windows-VM dafür aufgesetzt, aber ohne wär schöner. Empfehlungen?

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Please stop using data mining scandals 2 redefine ur own predatory version of consent. Being in a public space is not consenting to be mugged no more than posting in a public space is consenting to have your data stolen. My purse doesn’t suddenly become EVERYBODY’s purse when I leave the house. We need a new bill of data/privacy rights. Will this end all mining 4evs? No, but reclassifying women as citizens instead of domestic property didn’t end all gender violence either.

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Hot Take, Meta 

Switching to a non-systemd system when you've gotten used to the convenience of .service and .timer files is really no fun at all. I'm sure there is a lot of stupid shit in the giant bundle that is systemd, but service files make administrating systems *way* more understandable and accessible.

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fedi meta, scraping people 

fedi meta, scraping people 

Was man nicht benennt, bedenkt man nicht. Wenn man für etwas keine Worte hat, ist es viel schwerer, daran zu arbeiten. Es gibt zum Beispiel eine Reihe an persönlichen Fähigkeiten, die nicht ständig benannt werden, aber sehr wertvoll sind: Konfliktfähigkeit und Auskunftsfähigkeit sind zwei davon, bei denen mir das häufig auffällt.

Short blog post about the new pretalx pricing (woo! Cheaper for small events, if you want to use, and my plans for pretalx in 2020 in general:

Oh god, just caught the typo. To my defense: late, tired, … no excuse /o\

So my domain checker has finished running. Of the 7467 instances currently known to

- 20.6% don't even have DNS records any longer
- 38.4% have not been reachable over HTTP (10s timeout)
- 46.3% have not been reachable over HTTPS (10s timeout, invalid certs counted as unreachable)
- 30.3% have v6 DNS records

By the way, the important parts are both "unsolicited" and "from stranger". If we are in a high-trust situation, unsolicited responses can be very okay, depending on the topic.

High-trust situations require this trust *first* though – can be because we are friends, or maybe just because we had some nice interactions before, or share an instance (if on a smaller instance), etc. Sometimes reworking the comment into a genuine question can work, too.

Every time, posting technical stuff:

1. Post code snippet.
2. Predictably get unsolicited advice with not-really-improvement from stranger.
3. Explain why it's not an improvement
4. Tack on (in parentheses) that it might be polite to consider if feedback was solicited.
5. Queue sulking without discussion of the technical issue.

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tech, accessbility 

Here goes checking 7467 domains for v4 and v6 records, HTTP and HTTPS availability and certificate validity.

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