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@rixx endlich mal aus im Grunde fertigen Songs auf meiner Platte eine EP gebaut und auf Bandcamp als neuen Release eingestellt

Stupid lockdown achievement: Finally finished Superhexagon.

What's yours?

Update: Morgens Rhabarber ernten, mittags crumble machen, restliches Spekulatiusgewürz in die Streusel geben? Sehr, sehr børps.

Schokogrießbrei mit Pflaumen und Bonusauftritt der übrigen offenen Tüte Spekulatiusgewürz.

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I just came around to read @rixx's blog post against compliments while waiting for someone.

One part really hit home: "Praising attributes like intelligence [...] instead gives a fearsome explanation for every subsequent failure. [...] Ask anybody who was known as the smart kid in school."

Couldn't have better described me in school.


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Today we announced that I'm building together with @rixx, @rash, and the team. Let me know what you think – and please share the word with anyone you think this might be relevant for!

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"There is a lot to unpack here" is usually followed with the unpacking of two or three things at most.

Ohh, erste Rhabarberernte steht kurz bevor.

Un Lun Dun was exactly how you'd expect a Magical London YA novel by China Mieville to turn out. Excellent weird worldbuilding, decent enough story, above-average amount of painful inspired puns.

Chefkoch be like "Schupfnudeln mit Lauch"

> 500 g Schupfnudeln


A Brother's Price (Wen Spencer) was very comfort food. Fantasy world with inverted gender roles (only one man per 20 women, group family marriages ensue). It follows the Regency romance arc perfectly except for leaving out that relationship building part in the second third, which actually might've been better to include. But it's really enjoyable – takes the gender role reversal seriously, isn't stupid about it, but also clearly just has a lot of fun telling the story.

"Unsouled" by Will Wright, first in the Cradle series, was nice enough. Chinese inspired fantasy, but with a high escalation path into stellar politics among superpowered/ascended beings. The juxtaposition of the two ("low level farm boy" vs "god-like beings") was a bit clumsy at times, and it cuts off early, but it was still relaxing to read.

Die Masken sind mit Filtereinsatz und Platz für einen Bügel über der Nase, damit sie schlüssig sitzt (und die Brille nicht beschlägt). Anleitung gibts hier:

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Absolutely fantastic story of how the treatment for scurvy was found AND THEN LOST AGAIN. Humanity plz.

As is tradition, once every three months¹ I go for a run. Just to check that running still sucks.

Reader, it does.

¹ 87 days in this case

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Anybody else read i18n as iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin?

no? just me?


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