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Bastian, in an extremely relatable move, decides to stay after school is over because he cannot take one move bad pep talk from his dad.

Atreyu is getting rescued by Falkor (called Fuchur in German btw, and good call in changing the name), and questionable special effects ensue.

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Atreyu loses the horse, tries to ride a giant turtle, but falls off, then gets sneezed off a tree repeatedly for comedic effect

Bastian randomly decides to yell despite being in hiding
very bad opsec

Morla is basically a round Ent

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hahaha oh god bad writing meets bad acting (sorry Atreyu, Bastian is a 100% better actor here)

"You have to try! You have to care! For me! … Stupid horse!" lool

(I understand this is childhood trauma for some people, but uhm.)

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Atreyu is fabulous and I love him. "Look I'll be happy to go back, save the world yourself then??"

"You must leave all your weapons behind. It will be very dangerous" yes duh?!

Love seeing Bastian enjoying the book, tbh, that's pretty 1:1 how I read it at the time.

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First flying scene! The special effects are adorkable, except for the Ivory Tower. Peak Kitsch, both the tower and the music.

The big stone face people are a nice touch re: fantastic creature diversity.

Anywho, Atreyu is our chosen saviour because the empress is busy dying.

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"Hold my book, we're going in"

Fantastic creatures and where to find them, 80s edition? Kinda charming looking, really, reminds me of Labyrinth. Also hey, Deep Roy!

Nothingness eats Phantasia, but surely the empress will save everybody. Cute so far, would let kids watch.

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btw I'm very much not here to dunk on the movie or point out differences to the book, I just want to get in on the shared ambient cultural knowledge, and maybe enjoy some 80s kitsch

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Bullies and trash cans as genre staples. Nerdy kid good.

"Your books are safe, real books change you" is a good take, actually

Standing outside the classroom door, being late and not wanting to go in is peak relatable tbh, kinda heartbreaking

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Apparently it's "NeverEnding" because reasons

I'm also too busy admiring the kitchen and the haircuts to pay attention to the talk

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I'm a big fan of Michael Ende's Neverending Story, but I've never seen the movie. This will change, now. My only preparation: vague ambient knowledge of how Falkor looks, and The Song.

Also, the author's opinion, which finally convinced me that I need this in my life.

Drüben bei birdsite hat sich Rop eine Ladung Verschwörungs-Spinner eingfangen und kann sich auch erklären, warum:

'Ende felt that this adaptation's content deviated so far from the spirit of his book that he requested that production either be halted or the film's title be changed; when the producers did neither, he sued them and subsequently lost the case. Ende called the film a "gigantic melodrama of kitsch, commerce, plush and plastic" ["Ein gigantisches Melodram aus Kitsch, Kommerz, Plüsch und Plastik"].'

This is extremely good and extremely creepy and also I am very into fictional wikipedia entries as an artform:

💣 Bomb defused, we're back home. Thanks for following our adventure

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They followed the road indicated by the wizard Frost. It led them through treacherous marches and abandoned villages, but slowly, the countryside appeared friendlier.

Finally, they came to an inviting home, where they were taken in in exchange for stories of their travels.

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They continued, and started to eat the meagre provisions that the Prince in his wisdom had brought, when they suddenly spotted a little man in a strange green hood. He beckoned them closer, and said "As thanks for not feeding my donkeys I'm going to permit you to leave my forest"

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Finally following the Road Less Travelled, they came upon an enchanted little farm.

Two donkeys approached them and asked politely for food. But the travellers had read the signs warning them off, so they (equally politely) refused. Thrice they were asked, thrice they refused.

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They finally came to a similar fork, and decided to appease the great and terrible wizard Frost

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This led them to a suspiciously straight road that seemed to go on forever. Like the dogs fools they were, they immediately decided to follow our. Little did they know that the wood took "forever" quite literally.

(pics continue on twitter, it really was a very long and straight road)

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