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For the course at Uni we're conducting a survey on how people perceive different robots. If you got 5 minutes, please participate:
RTs appreciated :)

4/ Weaving Fate by Aidan Wachter. Several useful introspection techniques, both meditation and journaling. My favourite was the one where you write a journal as your future self. Very useful stuff if you can ignore the, uhm, magic.

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3/ Annals of Arithmancy by White Squirrel. Conclusion to the fanfic trilogy. Contained the quote "The extinction of the human race will come from its inability to emotionally comprehend the exponential function." – hitting a bit hard right now.

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2/ Lady Archimedes by White Squirrel. Second part of the fanfic series. Better plot, worse writing, and gets an honourable mention for having a bibliography that includes Heinlein, Sagan, Niven and Tolkien.

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1/ The Arithmancer (Arithmancer, #1) by White Squirrel. Decent Harry Potter fanfic whith Hermione as math genius. Rat adjacent but nowhere near the mess that is HPMOR. Imagine having actual characters *and* science, at the same time.

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Alright, here's my book* thread for 2021 – starting early this time, so I hopefully won't abandon it due to ETOOMANYBOOKS like last year's. Be warned that January is traditionally filled with fanfics and re-reads.

All tagged with for your muting convenience.

* books, papers, fanfics, etc etc

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picrew stuff 

@strangeglyph Reminds me of a tune I discovered on YouTube a few months ago.

Corrupted Violin Fencer Boss Theme

I didn't finish my book thread last year because I started so late and was just constantly behind. Should I do one this year, from the beginning?

(January is my traditional month for re-reads, comfort reads and fanfic, so it wouldn't start out amazing …)

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interessantes Problem in meiner Küche: Creppfanne Alu / Titan, der Titan Boden löst sich. wie kann ich den wieder fixieren? nur zurechtbiegen mit Schraubzwingen hab ich schon Probiert. Fail.

Emoji reactions are an art form 🙃

I made this thing for definitely very serious and good reasons. (curlyboi is the logo of PyCon AU)

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he says as he watches the boulder roll back down the hill, smashing through the "it has been __ days since we were distracted mid task" sign

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So I just read a thing that made me both happy and angry. I need to share.

"Chili and the Chocolate Factory" is recommended reading if you make it through the first chapter. If you do, please let me know. If you get to the end, please remember to read the reviews. DO NOT READ THE REVIEWS BEFORE.

It occurs to me that "no u" is an excellent Culture ship name.

Ha! Twitter had the saving idea. I restructured my book blog data structure.

Turns out moving 951 book review text files, plus book covers, plus 350 to-read files, increases the .git size from 64MB to 72MB.

God I love pathlib. And yes, this is Good Code:

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I'll definitely aim to continue rendering to static files.

I could probably get away with keeping the static files, and building a dynamic editor on top, but at that point, I might as well use a db? Idk, somebody help me budget this, etc

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It doesn't help that I have only read about three books in all of December. But I'm also blocked on writing about them, because I want more features, first.

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I want to add features to my book blog, but I think I've hit the point where keeping everything in markdown files is not a good fit.

Which means a database, and an editor/wrapper, and eww

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