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via Twitter: when UK exam company MEG was bought by OCR, exam papers were printed featuring “ocrawatts” and “ocrajoules”

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To be fair, Bookfinder is an independent subsidiary of AbeBooks, which in turn belongs to Amazon.

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The amount of online book shops* that don't understand books is frankly criminal.

* Yes, most of them belong to Amazon, why?

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I continue to be so happy with Bookfinder for comparing prices for used (and new!) books. You can filter not only by author and title (and maybe language, though there's a horrible amount of book shops that don't have a language filter). Bookfinder also has min/max publication year, publisher, and a *reliable* binding search.

Plus, you can set your country and currency and it will show prices including shipping. Like, wow, yes please.

That was fun – I'll try to do that every Tuesday and see how it goes!

If I'm too bored before Tuesday, I might add another nostalgia game. Currently thinking Sacred II, but I'm open for suggestions …

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Just finished a stressful project, so I decided I'll recover by indulging in a bit of nostalgia. I'll be playing (and streaming) my first real computer game, Divine Divinity in ~twenty minutes.

Thoroughly disgusted by humanity today.

(Took the pressured air to clean my keyboard, first time this year)

First draft: "I'm not quite done yet, but I expect to finish by tomorrow."

Second draft: "I'm basically done, the project will be stable by tomorrow."


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Today's culprit was selectInput.options. Array.from() carrying.

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If I had one Euro for every time something in JavaScript is clearly array-like, but doesn't support forEach or another common array function, I could buy myself a consistent language.

25/ The Empress of Salt and Fortune by Nghi Vo. In a Chinese-inspired Fantasy world, a young monk (an enby, as monks are in this world) chronicles the dead Empress's life story by searching her old castle. Neat novella.

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24/ How You Stand, How You Move, How You Live by Missy Vineyard. Good dive into influencing your body with your thoughts and vice versa. Enjoyable read, adjacent to The Inner Game of Tennis (but more detail-oriented and less annoying).

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After I found myself adding and removing a book for the third time from my to-read list, I now have a new never-read list.

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