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Hat hier wer Erfahrung mit so Hängesesseln (quasi Mini-Hängematten mit einzelner Aufhängug, aber inkl Stange)? Sind die bequem? Ich hab ne Klimmzugstange direkt vor der Balkontür hängen, das klingt für den Sommer eigentlich ganz nice.

>>> [0xfor x in (1, 2, 3)]

Thanks, , I hate it.

(reposted from nedbat on Twitter:

lol, Twitter mentioned that there was a Latin course on Duolingo. Placement test gets me out of 45%, which seems to be the maximum? All pretty weird.

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My main problem with Duolingo is not even course quality, but course quality sure isn't helping.

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Idly wondered if I should improve my pretty non-existent Russian. Went on Duolingo, immediately tested out of 25% of the course, increasing my confidence that I don't want to use Duolingo by 75%.

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Einfache Regel fürs Uhren umstellen: Wenn ihr die Uhr anguckt und erleichtert seid ist sie noch nicht umgestellt

Abendessen, wir gucken eine Serie.

*pling*, Nachricht von den Nachbarn. Ich lese vor.

Mitbewohner pausiert die Serie. Ichso "ups, sorry, wollte nicht unterbrechen." Mitbewohner so "alles gut, das eine kann man pausieren, das andere nicht"


I wish I could claim pandemic brain, but nah, I've always been like this

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Opened GitHub and misread one of those dependabot PR notifications as "Burp aiohttp from 3.7.3 to 3.7.4"

Imagine a maintainer, carrying their project like a baby, and burping it after a particularly filling dependency update.

Speedrunning is emotionally exhausting. Constant change in feelings between "shit I'm so clumsy I'm surprised I can walk" and "woah pretty gamer", plus a constant "I'm behind, fuck. Aaah, now I'm ahead, the pressure". Pretty fun if you're into emotions.

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So I practised a bit more, and got two better times pretty much back to back. No longer the end of the leaderboard, this puts me at about 88/104.

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I want to buy a whole book series (17 books), and can either spend stupid amounts of time making sure all the books are from the same release series and will look good together

or just buy the cheapest used version I can find and embrace the chaos

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"Knock knock"
"Who's there?"
"Fire who?"
"… … mh, mist, der Witz funktioniert nur auf deutsch"

Google Translate can include hilarious errors between non-English languages that clearly show that everything has been translated to English first.

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Oooh, DeepL has added 13 European languages! Including Danish, Swedish, Hungarian, …

DeepL quality consistently outperforms Google Translate. It's also great because DeepL doesn't use English as common ground between non-English languages.

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hrt, suche endo im mittel(ost)deutschland 

gibt es empfehlungen für endokrinolog*innen in mitteldeutschland, die sich mit feminisierender hrt auskennen, ihre patient*innen ernst nehmen, und menschlich kein albtraum sind? (letzteres wäre sogar verhandelbar, wenn der rest ok ist)
war bisher in jena (uniklinik) und erfurt (wallaschofski), beides katastrophe. thüringen wäre nett wg. fahrtkosten, aber leipzig etc wäre auch noch ok.

31/ Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny. Space Hinduism! Extremely fun 60s sci-fi novel, and also thoughtful commentary on cultural appropriation.

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30/ Stoker's Wilde by Steven Hopstaken. Bram Stoker and Oscar Wilde hunt vampires and talk about it in their letters. Very meh.

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29/ Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews. A bit more trashy than I like, not as good as her Kate Daniels series. I still like the sentient inn/magical innkeeper trope, though.

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