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@DevoxxMA@twitter.com and @DevoxxUA@twitter.com says ahola !

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Another actors career ruined by drugs & alcohol.

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Learning German is very easy:

1. Learn Dutch.
2. Spell Dutch words with extra letters: 'dan' becomes 'dann', etc.
3. Pronounce all words with extra hard sounds, especially the 's' and 'g' sounds.
4. Ignore the extra grammar as no native German gets it right either.

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rocks: Our „JCrete Got Talent“ charity show collected 1,574.71 EUR for Kolymvari Highschool‘s new computer class room!

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All participants are getting ready for the group photo!

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Dear fellow speakers and presenters!
What about starting (or ending) every talk/presentation/workshop with a few slides/words about climate change and what we (maybe) can still do?
Raising global awareness seems crucial.
Would you be afraid of organizers no longer having you?

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DONE topics at @JCreteUnconf@twitter.com

See you next year!!!

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My favourite thing is watching web development keep re-discovering best practices of native GUI development from the 1970s.

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A hilarious, but good example for Ubiquitous Language and Bounded Contexts twitter.com/jenshealthde/statu

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This is how the program committee works at a unconferemce.

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Freunde, ein gut gemeinter Rat an dieser Stelle:

Beim Kokainerwerb bitte niemals knausern und im Zweifel auch nicht bei dem Typen am HBF kaufen, der ne Siegesrune ins Gesicht tätowiert hat. Am Ende zerfressen die Streckmittel euer Gehirn und ihr gründet bspw. eine

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