You may have heard, or experienced for yourselves that Macs aren't the most easy to repair.

Here's how you replace the battery in a MacBook Pro 15", basically any model with a retina display.

Detailed explanations are in the image descriptions.

Basically you open the MacBook Pro with a Pentalobe. Wearing Eye and respiratory protection, and for good measure, nitrile gloves always look fancy, you apply solvent under the battery cells with a needly and syringe.

Some time ago I did a thread about swapping a glued-in battery in an Apple MacBook Pro 15".

I'll just add a few things and what's different about this retina MacBook Pro (Mid 2014).

Just two screwdrivers needed. A Pentalobe5 1.2mm for the bottom case and a Torx 5, so nothing unexpected for an Apple device repair. Also, a syringe and industrial solvent. (Tuluene, C₇H₈)

The laptop was already quite wobbly on the desk, so not sitting flat anymore. The bottom case clearly bulging under the pressure of the puffing battery. (95Wh) Upon unscrewing the bottom case it popped up as expected. So first, let's inspect the battery for any obvious signs of damage as they might cause a fire hazard.

No damage visible, that's a good thing. So let's disconnect the battery pack and remove the two screws that hold the battery interconnect board in place.

To remove the battery we need to dissolve the glue strips. That's what the Toluene is for. Before we can crack the seal, let's put on personal protection gear. Simple working glasses and nitrile gloves. (I like the purple colour, though it's not relevant for this kind of work.)

Usually there's a nice gap of about 1.5mm between the cells where you can easily get in between with the syringe to apply the solvent. These cells are so puffy, the gas sack is like a balloon.

With the wide (and blunt) edge of a nylon tool we can get in between the cells an carefully wedge the casing to the side. That way I can get in with the cannula to administer the solvent. You do NOT want to poke the cells. So this needs good lighting and a steady hand. (Or three.)

Once the solvent has gotten under the cells and reached the glue, we can start prying the cells out of the case. The solvent takes about 10-15 minutes to make the glue strips soft enough.

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