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So we stole the gif idea from @c3WOC - thanks a lot for the inspiration ;) and the waffles!

If you want to roll around like that during - donate to our crowdfunding:

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When you start a project, it is important that you are aware of the theory and history of Commons. This knowledge can make the difference between a successful or a failed commons, tragedy or triumph. A thread!

Frage zu Linux auf Twitter und Mastodon stellen:

Twitter: 700 Follower und es juckt niemanden

Mastodon: 43 Follower und sofort wird geholfen. Wer nichts dazu sagen kann, teilt die Frage wenigstens.

Mag nicht repräsentativ sein, sagt für mich persönlich aber viel über beide Netzwerke aus.

Danke Mastodon 😘👍🏼

Unser Crowdfunding läuft vielleicht ein bisschen schleppend, aber unser kultureller Einfluss ist enorm.

Nicht nur hat @bleeptrack anscheinend unsere Farbkombination direkt als Inspiration für den offiziellen style guide genommen:

Unsere Kampagne ist so viral und allgegenwärtig, dass beinahe Wort des Jahres geworden wäre! Am Ende mussten wir uns mit Platz 2 begnügen. Dennoch ein großer Erfolg!

PSA, traffic accidents 

PSA, traffic accidents 

So let's get on with this - for , we are crowdfunding scooters for everyone!

If you want to be able to roll around with scooters during next congress, why not donate a few euros for the commons?

I hope this (quite long) thread about theory was interesting :) See you at , hopefully with a lot more scooters standing around!

If you want to make Chaos-Roller possible, please donate to our crowdfunding:

The book is called "Commons: for a politics beyond market and state". It is , thus if you are interested you can download it here:

At , I found a book about theory on some piratebox, which talked a lot about this problem. Because economic theorists mostly deal with the category of commodities, they have a hard time to conceptualize under-use.

You could see this during a lot, and we want to prevent it for - many private scooters stood around, which were not used most of the time. Meanwhile, many people had to spend their time walking long distances; while 4 days are already so little time.

The pattern which affects Chaos-Roller the most, is not the danger of Tragedy of the , but rather the tragedy of private property.

And if there are no scooters available when you need them the most, you will not starve; in the worst case, you have to walk a few hundred metres.

Because we have the advantage of resilience. Our isn't threatened by over-use anyway. Scooters are not a depletable resource like water, cattle, or a forest.

If you design it so that you can't use the Commons without talking about them, you have a powerful pattern against such a tragedy. Unfortunately, with scooters, this doesn't really work. But I think in this case it actually isn't necessary.

There are several patterns to counter a Tragedy of the Commons. Communication is important: you can try find a way of including communication into the way the are used.

In theory, there is the term "Tragedy of the Commons":
Such tragedies happen when there is a lack of community and communication, so you end up with over-use and depleted resources. When you start a Commons, you need to talk about this.

It is also made up by the knowledge, that people paid for this - both the people who just bring their scooter to and paint them in green-orange so others know they can use them, as well as the contributors to our crowdfunding.
(btw: donate! )

I hope one thing is clear - this is again a , so it is not made up of the actual green-orange scooters. It is made up by the *shared knowledge*, that green-orange scooters, and only them, are public goods.

(If you have indeed painted your private scooter in these colors, we deeply apologize. Of course, green-orange is super cool. That's why *everyone* should have green-orange scooters.)

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