So we stole the gif idea from @c3WOC - thanks a lot for the inspiration ;) and the waffles!

If you want to roll around like that during - donate to our crowdfunding:

@roller so, is this coordinated with 36c3 orga?
as much as i like the idea, i guess not everybody would be happy with this?

@xor yes, we are talking with the LOC. What do you think could be a problem for some people? We are very grateful for any feedback :)

@roller first of all, i don't remember whether the scooters are even allowed in the venue.
yes, everyone including me is using them.

but, depending on the driver, using them is a can be dangerous, especially for others.

i'm by no means a lawyer, but i could imagine that if you want to provide them publicly that might be a problem if injuries happen.

just hope you're taking care of that.

@roller then, last year, many scooters got lost apperently because people thought they were for free public use; there were regular announcements that they are not.

i suspect this will not become easier when people need to distinguish between public and private ones. maybe i'm just too pessimistic, though.

if PL is happy with public scooters, i will gladly donate :)

@xor yeah, we want to solve that problem by spray-painting them in green and orange - this way it's easy to distinguish private and public scooters.

So we hope our effort actually improves the situation, because now there *is* a distinguishing factor, and it is widely communicated by funny gifs ;)

And thanks for the heads up regarding insurance, we will look into it.

Maybe a A5 sign on each scooter that explain, that only scooter with this signs are free and all other not, is something you should do too!

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