When you start a project, it is important that you are aware of the theory and history of Commons. This knowledge can make the difference between a successful or a failed commons, tragedy or triumph. A thread!

A Commons is always more than just the resources which make it up. Chaos-Roller is more than a few scooters standing around or being used at - it is a shared cultural experience, a shared learning process.

This process didn't start with our Crowdfunding for . It started years ago at earlier Chaos events.

When was the first congress in Leipzig, the advantage of scooters in big halls quickly became clear. continued the trend, where dozens of scooters were standing at the heaven, the heaven's kitchen, and also in other places.

But other problems surfaced quickly - the question of property. Many people didn't realize that the scooters were private property to begin with.

Used to collaborate without hierarchies and/or with abundant resources, many used the scooters they just found. At some point the scooter owners started to complain when others used their private scooters.

Not everyone reads twitter or chaos.social, so the word didn't spread quickly enough. (This thread is an attempt to spread it further.) So we knew, for we had to have a solution for this - a color code for public scooters.

We propose orange-green; usually, no one would paint their private scooters in orange and green. The colors also contradict the general assumption made by many people, that public goods are somehow boring.

(If you have indeed painted your private scooter in these colors, we deeply apologize. Of course, green-orange is super cool. That's why *everyone* should have green-orange scooters.)

I hope one thing is clear - this is again a , so it is not made up of the actual green-orange scooters. It is made up by the *shared knowledge*, that green-orange scooters, and only them, are public goods.

It is also made up by the knowledge, that people paid for this - both the people who just bring their scooter to and paint them in green-orange so others know they can use them, as well as the contributors to our crowdfunding.
(btw: donate! startnext.com/chaosroller-for- )

In theory, there is the term "Tragedy of the Commons": en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commons#
Such tragedies happen when there is a lack of community and communication, so you end up with over-use and depleted resources. When you start a Commons, you need to talk about this.

There are several patterns to counter a Tragedy of the Commons. Communication is important: you can try find a way of including communication into the way the are used.

If you design it so that you can't use the Commons without talking about them, you have a powerful pattern against such a tragedy. Unfortunately, with scooters, this doesn't really work. But I think in this case it actually isn't necessary.

Because we have the advantage of resilience. Our isn't threatened by over-use anyway. Scooters are not a depletable resource like water, cattle, or a forest.

And if there are no scooters available when you need them the most, you will not starve; in the worst case, you have to walk a few hundred metres.

The pattern which affects Chaos-Roller the most, is not the danger of Tragedy of the , but rather the tragedy of private property.

You could see this during a lot, and we want to prevent it for - many private scooters stood around, which were not used most of the time. Meanwhile, many people had to spend their time walking long distances; while 4 days are already so little time.

At , I found a book about theory on some piratebox, which talked a lot about this problem. Because economic theorists mostly deal with the category of commodities, they have a hard time to conceptualize under-use.

The book is called "Commons: for a politics beyond market and state". It is , thus if you are interested you can download it here:


I hope this (quite long) thread about theory was interesting :) See you at , hopefully with a lot more scooters standing around!

If you want to make Chaos-Roller possible, please donate to our crowdfunding: startnext.com/chaosroller-for-

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