We've just released #InfiniTime 1.2.0!

This new version brings a new Metronome app, many improvements and bugfixes.

This version will hopefully be flashed on the new @PINE64 #PineTime that should be available #soon !



@JF @PINE64 is the pine watch a good idea as a daily watch to use ?

@ropfel @PINE64 I use mine daily, mostly to read the time, receive notification, control the playback of my music and set timers.
So, yeah, IMO PineTime and InfiniTime are ready for daily use, but it depends on what are your expectations for a smartwatch.
There are already a bunch of features (watchfaces, notifications, music control, timer/stopwatch, games,...) and it's also supported by open source companion apps like Gadgetbridge, Amazfish and Siglo.

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