Far too often, journalists are threatened with violence just for doing their job.

On #WorldPressFreedomDay2022 we stand by all those who speak truth to power.

Our upcoming Media Freedom Act will protect media professionals and uphold press freedom and pluralism.


Chances are, one doesn't need to look far from home to find unfree press:

RSF Index:

01. Norway
16. Germany
19. Canada
24. UK
26. France
32. Spain
42. US

Source: RSF Index - Reporters Without Borders


@Max_in_Vienna @EU_Commission

You mean "to find "? Norway has an index of 92.65% and 100% means free as far as I understand your source rsf.org/fr/classement

Congrats ! 👏

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@rriemann @EU_Commission

Not precisely my point, but rather that when searching for an un-#freepress one has to look no further than one's own home — unless of course if one’s Norwegian! 😃


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