// xkcd.com/1319
do not let this become truths! 😭 ☝️

// youtu.be/3QGMCSCFoKA
like a bat out of hell
i'll be gone when the morning comes
oh, when the night is over
like a bat out of hell

// youtu.be/u-R6rOOMENY
dont figure out
its wasted time
wasting your mind on someone else

// youtu.be/D1cRSpSk5D4
learn to let it go, baby
shake, rattle, and roll, baby
out of the city you've seen
and into some trouble with me

// youtu.be/2iKso30v3ns
der traum ist aus
aber ich werde alles geben
dass er wirklichkeit wird

// youtu.be/LrXr1tXHZc8
hey neighbour what's your name
are you happy or are you oh so tired
of being stuck in this frame

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// youtu.be/wqPlb5PLBvg
you better you better you bet
you better you better you bet
you better you better you bet

// youtu.be/e1MaDYbECSg
i'm not asking for a throne and crown,
i'm not pining for a starving queen,
tooth and nail will wear any man down,
and my mama keeps telling me i'm lookin' too lean.

// youtu.be/PRxqQUz7VeY
write, the, worst, curse
come on, replicate me
because it's the
because it’s the highest form of flattery

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