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mi casa es tu casa
this land is your land
this land is my land

i don't know, i don't know where we went wrong
give me something make me feel

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🚨 alert! 🚨

: a digital rights calamity.

This directive has been passed, ignoring feedback as usual:

Full of overt displays of ignorance of the subject matter (grep for "fraud" ... 🤦‍♂️), nevertheless poses a real threat to basic freedoms.

It would ban non-corporate-controlled OS on any radio capable device (including WIFI) !?

You've read that right.

So let's spread the word and get this hostile law repealed ASAP!

the shirts you wore, i bought them
the shoes you wore, i bought them
the pants you wore, i bought them

i've been watchin' you roll up to the pinhook
you been hangin' in with all these other fuckin' crusty punks
but i see that swastika on your jacket

what was the plan here? i can't seem to stop
pissing and spitting from bottom to top

now and then you’re in my lucid dreams
for the love of my love
i just can’t control the way you scream

mach die augen auf, wasch dein gesicht
steh auf, steh auf, komm raus ans licht

... actually i wanted to do 🤓 🖥️ ! but THIS - would be fuckin crazy as well! :awesome: 🛸

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