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You get annoyed by having to enter your handle each time you want to follow/interact with someone on a "foreign" page?

I got that too, but I've made a little add-on to solve this "problem". 😃

It automatically "redirects" you to your own instance.

Social virtual reality: connecting to people in

Long, but very interesting presentation about how that works, feels, what opportunites it offers & what problems it has

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Like… this small metal box contains aluminum disks that spin faster than a plane’s reactor blades? And there’s read-write heads that are closer to the disks than a hair’s width? And they manage to read and write data magnetically at that speed?

Riiight, of course man. Suuuure

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@DC7IA nachrichten im matrix direktchat an rich zu senden schlägt fehl

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Wow, some very interesting new research here:

Researchers published attacks that can recover encryption keys from Trusted Computing Modules (TPMs) (which isn't supposed to be possible) by timing elliptic curve signature generation. "On Intel fTPM, our key recovery succeeds after about1,300 observations and in less than two minutes."

Nearly all Windows computers store BitLocker encryption keys in TPMs.

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In addition, thanks to community efforts, it is already available in 4 languages!
(If you speak another one, please help and translate it too!)

You can download v2.0 here now:

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Remember: This add-on does not only feature a picker you can open by clicking or using a hotkey, you can also search directly in your address bar!

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🥳 Awesome Emoji Picker v2.0 🥳

has been released!

Following up on the already big release, which added a dark design and search in your address bar, v2.0 now adds support for 3 Unicode standards at the same time!

In short this means: More emojis!!!1 🥰🥱👩‍🦽🦧🦦🦾🦘🏴‍☠️

Their original FAQ (that misses links again) explains it a little better, they fear fake results submitted by participants.
Well… usual problems in distributed systems, but is making it closed-sourced really a solution for that? Just count on security by obscurity?

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does not release the client as , because of "client for several reasons, relating to client reliability and other issues".


Also, they mix up "open-sourcing" and "outsourcing" in their FAQ.

"It works by launching a Chrome instance rendered in a virtual framebuffer and capturing and encoding the output with ffmpeg."

What hellish thing did I just read? 😲

covid-19, poll 

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Es gibt eine neue Umfrage zur Mobilität von und in Zeiten vonCorona

Mitmachen und teilen, weil ein großes n benötigt wird.

Bei mir konnten die Autofahrer nicht rechnen. Am Ende kam die Zusammenfassung 1=10% bis 10=100%

Auto Nutzung 11.7 !?

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@annalisa habe auch jetzt erst kapiert, was sehr cool ist: das ding lernt offenbar stetig weiter, auch aus aktuellen Events.

Das führt zu einigen lustigen Toots zu und einigen politischen Statements, die es aus der -Filterbubble extrahiert.
Und auch sehr lustigen, total realistischen Toot-Einzeilern.

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Übrigens ein witziger Bot, falls wer was zum Spielen benötigt: @annalisa

Do you like my generator add-on and think more people should use it?

Now let's make it a recommend extension! Look here on what the criteria is and how to do it: (TL;DR: you just need to send a mail)

If you think it applies, it would be great of you to suggest to to select this one. 😃
If not, feel free to let me know why and I'll see whether something can be adjusted here.

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