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You get annoyed by having to enter your handle each time you want to follow/interact with someone on a "foreign" page?

I got that too, but I've made a little add-on to solve this "problem". 😃

It automatically "redirects" you to your own instance.

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animal names are really something.

sloth: Faultier (“lazy animal”)
seal: Seehund (“sea dog”)
turtle: Schildkröte (“shield toad”)
skunk: Stinktier (“stink animal”)
squid: Tintenfisch (“ink fish”)
slug: Nacktschnecke (“nude snail”)
hippo: Nilpferd (“nile horse”)
armadillo: Gürteltier (“belt animal”)

Murmeltier, (marmot, “mumble animal”) has nothing to do with mumbling, by the way. It’s from “murmenti”, based on Latin “mus montis”, “mouse of the mountain”.

me trying to draw 

and yeah, drawing a dog went so horrible I needed a video… I'm quite surprised how good that went (with touch screen/mouse) and following each step very very slowly…

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me trying to draw 

okay okay, also tried that thing now…

One can see why I was bad at drawing/art at school… 🥺

@volpeon you're at fault to have inspired me 😉


$ git clone 🥺

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Richtig cooles Projekt!
Ihr gebt eure Postleitzahl ein, wo euer Rad steht - und schon gibt es super Nah- und Fernziele als Vorschlag.

Steig um!

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Dass in der Verwaltungs-IT einiges schief läuft, ist kein Geheimnis. Aber was tun?

Wenn Du motiviert bist, die #Verwaltung von innen heraus besser zu machen und eine moderne IT-Infrastruktur mit aufzubauen, dann lass uns das bei der @FITKOfoederal gemeinsam angehen:

🧵 (1/x)

Habe meine (vcf) zu den deutschen mal aktualisiert. Mit dabei sind die üblichen und einige unbekanntere. Verbessert wurden Bilder zur 116116 und Webseitenlinks.

Kann man einfach in die Kontakte importieren und schon hat man alle dabei!

has published the internet health report 2022:

This year it seems to focus on AI and is accompanied by a (called if you've known that before)…


I made a little hacking themed card game on
in Vue. 🎮30+ unique upgrades, 40 in game achievements, 3 difficulty settings and an (almost) infinite number of stage variations.

Good luck. Have fun!

Also if you use you can type about:compat into your URL bar to see what workarounds (like spoofing the user agent) are currently employed to make websites work…

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Find a website that does not work in one browser, but works in another?

So a periodical reminder that such bugs can be reported via the project:

This often e.g. applies to sites, which are said to be incompatible in or so, even though they work fine if you spoof your user agent.

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Finally got up and signed the #reclaimyourface petition at

...and kind of scared that there's still only 77k signatures, and loads of countries are barely showing up on the map.

Dear fellow humans: People are getting arrested for their views, based on face scans in Russia right now. Do we really want that kind of tool in the hands of EU governments (and their private contractors...)? Have we learned nothing from the previous century's history?

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be like; 1 Uhr Ankunft + 9 Minuten Umsteigezeit = 4 Uhr Abfahrt.

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