You get annoyed by having to enter your handle each time you want to follow/interact with someone on a "foreign" page?

I got that too, but I've made a little add-on to solve this "problem". 😃

It automatically "redirects" you to your own instance.

@rugk actually no. my browser fills it in.

so i wouldn't install an additional extension for that.

@rugk the browser (chromium) saves form input and offers to fill it in when you click in a form.

for example, when you have an address form, you click in the name field, select your name that was saved from previous address forms and it fills in all fields with your address. very comfortable :)

@davidak uhh sorry, I did mistake what toot you replied too…

Okay, yes autofill can be a solution, but with the add-on it skips the popup completely, i.e. directly loads the correct site: that is 3 clicks less…

(FIrefox of course can also do autofill.)

@davidak BTW if you are interesting in a chrome/ium port of the add-on feel free to open an issue (or even PR 😜)…

@rugk like i said i never considered it an issue

you could do it for other users if you like or at least create an issue, so they know it would be possible and maybe someone PR

@BalooUriza currently no, however, if you want to suggest/contribute, feel free to open a new issue:

However, it could be that Chrome/ium does not have all the APIs required for this, someone would need to look into this.

@rugk omg finally! This is great, thanks for making this!

@rugk This sounds useful! Any chance we could get a version compatible with waterfox classic? (I have no idea how much effort it is to make it compatible, so if it's too much effort don't bother)

Cool ! Installed (latest firefox) and works well. That's a nice little help.

@rugk You can also use the web UI: copy and paste a toot or user account into the Search bar, and interact with it directly.

If you're using a full-featured client like Fedilab, long-pressing on an element (Fav/Boost/Follow) may also allow you to choose your account, if you are logged into more than one.

@rugk It's too minor a task, to give up data access for "all websites". I can just enter the link in my instance's search, and be done in less time.

@arefgee I don't get what you mean with your first sentence. The add-on does not (by default) need access to all websites, only the current tab actually. Here is an explanation of which permissions it needs and why:

Also the add-on is open source and does not track you or so, see its short privacy policy.

Been there four years and that’s a really nice smol add-on, thank you :blackheartsparkle:

@Elisa Thanks a lot. Alps notice its now translated into French. If you or anyone else wants to support it e.g. by translating or fixing bugs, feel free to have a look at

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