does not release the client as , because of "client for several reasons, relating to client reliability and other issues".


Also, they mix up "open-sourcing" and "outsourcing" in their FAQ.

Their original FAQ (that misses links again) explains it a little better, they fear fake results submitted by participants.
Well… usual problems in distributed systems, but is making it closed-sourced really a solution for that? Just count on security by obscurity?

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@rugk yeah, that explanation is utter bullsh*it, it doesn't make any sense at all, it just makes those who uttered it look like amateurs 😬

I started running a couple of days ago because I wanted to contribute something useful to research, in a container because of the non-FLOSS, but think I'll reconsider and move to another project. rosetta@home?

@rugk I'm using it for now, but are there any alternatives (that still research COVID-19)?


That is why many of us has moved over to the BOINC-client and started to contribute to rosetta@home instead.

Folding@home has just spent more time on PR comparing to rosettta@home, and that is why they are getting all the attention

@Sylphox @rugk fwiw we are not using it in any meaningful sense, .. just created a team umbrella.

This way, Folding@Home contributors can show they support us by not only donating their compute power, but also raising visibility of

And yeah, decentral trusted and distributed computing is still an open problem, every research contribution is highly welcome!

@Sylphox @rugk @codeberg

We have no clients installed on any of codeberg's machines.

There was a request for creating a Team, and we did so.

Next time I will do more research.

@rugk Been trying to tell people this during the F@H craze. They don't want to open source it. BOINC > F@H.


> It is important to note that we do release the scientific modifications back to the open source community, but do not release information which would enable donors to cheat on points, which some donors have done ruining the experience for many others.

Lol, like it's a game and people are cheating, ruining the experience for others. More likely they don't know how to prevent people from submitting false completions.

@ndegruchy @rugk this and some other points irritate me highly about F@H but it's a very uncommon position and the arguments are either ignored or it's personal attacks.

There were not even signed packages and the manual offered freakin 32bit XP clients.

I'll stick with other humanitarian Boinc projects. This one is way to shady for my taste.

@rugk Quote:

> We are working on a new client which will be fully Open-Source but things are a bit hectic right now. We've had a massive increase in users in the last few days. As soon as that gets under control we will focus on the Open-Source client. Your contributions will be very welcome at that stage.


I hope they mean it.


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