does not release the client as , because of "client for several reasons, relating to client reliability and other issues".


Also, they mix up "open-sourcing" and "outsourcing" in their FAQ.


Their original FAQ (that misses links again) explains it a little better, they fear fake results submitted by participants.
Well… usual problems in distributed systems, but is making it closed-sourced really a solution for that? Just count on security by obscurity?

@rugk yeah, that explanation is utter bullsh*it, it doesn't make any sense at all, it just makes those who uttered it look like amateurs 😬

I started running a couple of days ago because I wanted to contribute something useful to research, in a container because of the non-FLOSS, but think I'll reconsider and move to another project. rosetta@home?

@rugk I'm using it for now, but are there any alternatives (that still research COVID-19)?

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