Happy day 2021 you all!

This year I'd like to say thanks to three projects, in contrast to only two in the previous years.
Of course, as always there are a lot more to thank, but I'd like to explain why I choose these three this year, so let's start without further ado…



My first goes to ! I'd like to say thanks to all the people behind it, because without that I would have a huge problem.
You’ve made a really easy to use product that helps us to in these times even though we may stay apart physically from friends or family.

Thanks a lot!

My full letter is here:

Secondly, I'd like to say thanks to @fragdenstaat, which is an awesome platform for requesting information with laws () from public bodies!

The software that powers this is open-source, which is great and makes it possible to contribute and possibly setup other projects!

(deutschesprachige Version im Thread)


Finally, continuing my tradition I don't only like to say thanks to the big projects you may already know, but also shed light on some smaller ones.

This year, I've chosen the add-on , because it helped me a lot last year personally, cause well… I happened to write a document.

The little Firefox add-on may not be a full-fleged citation manager, but it took *the* one laborious task and made it a lot simpler: Generating entries!


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