Find a website that does not work in one browser, but works in another?

So a periodical reminder that such bugs can be reported via the project:

This often e.g. applies to sites, which are said to be incompatible in or so, even though they work fine if you spoof your user agent.

Also if you use you can type about:compat into your URL bar to see what workarounds (like spoofing the user agent) are currently employed to make websites work…

@rugk I use a diversity of broswers, none that are Firefox or Chrome, and they eventually get errors such as "you need to use a Modern Browser to open this".

I'll see if Libre Wolf gets fixed by the workarounds, but Falkon prob won't be.

@olamundo well the last ones you mentioned are Firefox forks AFAIK so they should best be recognised as Firefox and then it should work. If they are up-to-date at least. If not, then websites obviously may break so fast as the web is moving.

@rugk I'm talking about the time when Opera used Presto engine and had to do things like that, captain.

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