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Es beginnt in einem Labor, und endet in einem Sanatorium. Ein Dokumentarfilm ΓΌber heitere und ernste Spiele, Therapien zur Um- und Selbstumerziehung sowie die Ideengeschichte einer permanenten Revolution. Es treten auf: Regisseure und Produzenten von Gameshows, Psychiater, Anthropologen und Paranoiker verschiedenster Coleur.


"Theire Soe Admirable Herbe": How the English Found Cannabis

In the 17th century, English travelers, merchants, and physicians were first introduced to cannabis, particularly in the form of bhang, an intoxicating edible which had been getting Indians high for millennia. Benjamin Breen charts the course of the drug from the streets of Machilipatnam to the scientific circles of London.


We Are All Confident Idiots

The trouble with ignorance is that it feels so much like expertise. A leading researcher on the psychology of human wrongness sets us straight.


Sickening. Also disagree about the very smart attribute.

Why MIT Media Lab thought it was doing right by secretly accepting Jeffrey Epstein’s money

Sometimes very smart people have a very bad idea.


Humans Who Are Not Concentrating Are Not General Intelligences

On why human level intelligence is not needed to create algorithmically generated text that may seem like it was written by a human


Not surprised at all. Owning the music in an actual physical form is second to none.

Vinyl set to outsell CDs for first time since 1986

A new report suggests that vinyl sales will outsell CDs this year, the first time the format has generated more revenue since 1986


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.@evgenymorozov@twitter.com comes out and says what has become increasingly apparent but no one yet has said directly.

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How American Tycoons Created the Dinosaur - Issue 75: Story - Nautilus

The dinosaur is a chimera. Some parts of this complex assemblage are the result of biological evolution. But others are products of…


Every computer is portable if you're strong enough.

When PHP is your screwdriver, everything looks like a nail.

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Who knew there was a sort of hanky code for hexadecimal. Thanks Datamation magazine from 1968

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caviar was a free bar snack -- 8/22/19

Today's encore selection -- from Salt: A World History by Mark Kurlansky. Until 100 years ago, sturgeon were plentiful in the rivers and lakes throughout Europe and America, and caviar was an ordinary food for those who...


Liebe Menschen in #Sachsen und #Brandenburg, wenn ihr noch nicht wisst, wen ihr ΓΌbernΓ€chstes Wochenende wΓ€hlen wollt - unser KandidatenCheck hilft vielleicht:
#ltwbb19 #sltw19

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Ich bekam einen Hinweis auf diesen Text von @southgeist@twitter.com über Überlaufrinnen in SchwimmbÀdern und ich laufe gerade über (sorry, werde aus guten Gründen nicht fürs Schreiben bezahlt) vor Freude darüber.

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