caviar was a free bar snack -- 8/22/19

Today's encore selection -- from Salt: A World History by Mark Kurlansky. Until 100 years ago, sturgeon were plentiful in the rivers and lakes throughout Europe and America, and caviar was an ordinary food for those who...

Liebe Menschen in #Sachsen und #Brandenburg, wenn ihr noch nicht wisst, wen ihr übernächstes Wochenende wählen wollt - unser KandidatenCheck hilft vielleicht:
#ltwbb19 #sltw19


Ich bekam einen Hinweis auf diesen Text von über Überlaufrinnen in Schwimmbädern und ich laufe gerade über (sorry, werde aus guten Gründen nicht fürs Schreiben bezahlt) vor Freude darüber.


Why Berlin's Approach to Car Bans Is a Little Different

The German capital will experiment with banning cars on two popular retail streets—but it’s being notably more cautious than its European counterparts.

Parents: are your kids exchanging vi keymaps?

wtf: one word forward, then to the first 'f'

LOL: insert a new line with a single 'L' just above bottom of screen.

fml: move to one character past the next 'm'

tbh: move to two characters before the next 'b'

dtf: delete to 'f'

How to assess the quality of garments: A Beginner's Guide {Part I}

What's the number one prerequisite to building a high-quality wardrobe? Exactly: You need to be able to recognize a quality garment when you see one. You need to be able to tell the difference between a durable, well-crafted piece and one that looks pretty on the rack but won't last more than half a

Anatomy of a Mechanical Keyboard | Drop (formerly Massdrop)

[image] Hi! I'm Isabela Moreira and I'm a software developer at Microsoft and a mechanical keyboard enthusiast. You can find me on Twitter @isabelacmor...

Nomads travel to America’s Walmarts to stock Amazon’s shelves

To stock Amazon’s shelves, merchants travel the backroads of America in search of rare soap and coveted toys.

I love how Mastodon is 100% functional and contains zero trackers.

It's almost as if you don't need trackers to make a functioning site and any trackers on other sites are wholly unnecessary and should be fought against on every possible level...

What if we rename GIMP to "Bob FOSS Studio" and the logo is a stylish fro and goatee knockout over a painting of some happy little trees

Fragwürdiger Auftrag an FDP-Großspenderin: Für diesen Artikel haben wir dutzende interne Dokumente durchgesehen.

Chronologie einer merkwürdigen Vergabe #ifg

Polar///d Super 70: A completely rebuilt digital Polaroid SX-70 camera | Joshua Gross

Die seit langem versprochenen Schöne-Worte-Gesetze sind endlich im Neusprech-Blog:

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