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Rune Ranch

3D printed and painted battle gauge for Warhammer 40.000. Made this for a Dark Angle player friend. 😇

Just found out that 3 has been released only 2 months ago. 🤪 So tags....? Wondering if its worth the upgrade price from version 2?

Obi-Wan Kenobi 3D print completed and assembled. Time for some finishing touches and later some paint. ☺️

Tomb Raider review back on the UK Blu-ray cover:

"Alicia Vikander is total badass."
- Harriet Hall, Stylist.

I'm so much going to see it now. 😋

Time for some JRPG: Octopath Traveler! 😬 Love the artwork for this game!

Octopath Traveler track & trace says it's today. Can't wait to play this on the Switch.

Not fully decided what characters to play yet. ☺️

A dream is coming true. Always wanted to build a lightsaber as Luke Skywalker did in Return of the Jedi.

Thanks 3D Printer for making me feel like a Jedi. 🤪

Kickstarter boardgame is awesome! Love how the game is designed around player decks and cards. No dice. ☺️

Just ordered myself a copy!

Got Games Workshop Citadel Project Box for my painting equipment. Mainly for fast and easy paint station setup.
Also paint handle for miniatures. Looking forward to try it out on my next Space Marine. ☺️ 👍

Updating my Ledger Nano S hardware wallet firmware to 1.4.2. 🤞😱💦

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Also my Space Marine - Blood Angels army is coming along nicely. ☺️ 👍

Printing bigger bed leveling knobs for my CR-10S. ☺️

3D Printing is fun and addictive. 🤪 Feel like printing just to see if I can get my project to work.

My nerdy plan for today:

- Game store day (fun, talk, MTG)
- Comic book store (new Sandman issue is out!)
- New Citadel Paints
- Feeler Gauge for 3D bed leveling.

Seems "Lots" mirrors from IKEA is very good for keeping your 3D prints sticking to the heat bed. So far it's a success! 😃

I'm printing stuff! 😬


Playing around with the settings in Cura for 3D Printing. Lots of options and toggles to play with. Don't know what most of them do. 😆

Don't really care about 's cinematic universe anymore. I'm burned out and tired of their template movies. Not excited at all for the next flick. 😐