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Got a book in the mail the other day, I've only got through the first chapter. It's a great book though.

Looking forward to reading more off it :yayblob:

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Hey fedi! What's your view on work related pains in wrists/hands? Have you experienced issues in this area?

I hear a lot in certain communities that IT people say "I have issues with RSI or CTS", but it's probably not or .

I have dealt with this myself and feel that I've, for my sake, have mastered my pain so I can control it.

Here's my notes on this:

Please . I think the IT community has too much work related among people who are way too young.

Was so excited, I was able to pick up all the things I need to build my new home network. Like pull cables through walls, set up ethernet jacks in all the rooms, have a patch panel.

So I did pick up the package.

I got all the bits I need except the krone tool to actually be able to connect the wires to the jacks and patch panel.

@Sandra Oavsett om den är stabil eller inte så har jag en följdfråga.

Skulle ni motsätta er att ha en kopia av den i projektet? För då skulle det bli en stabil källa.

Jag skulle kunna skriva ihop en GitHub action som kan automatiskt uppdatera den i projektet varje dag/vecka eller liknande om det är önskvärt :)

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@Sandra Jag låg och funderade på en sak i natt som du kanske har lite aning om.

Det är semirelaterat till justbangs som inte hostar en egen bangs.js fil i projektet.

Är det så att denna fil ändras ofta hos ddg? Eller är det bara för att det är enklare att inte behöva uppdatera projektet för det?

Jag funderar på att köra det på NixOS och skulle antingen behöva en stabil källa eller vara veta "att den inte ändras så ofta" :)

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I wish public smokers a happy choke on it and pls die

Very happy to see a location for , it gives me hope that it will happen this year!

Hotels in booked: ✅
Hotels in unbooked: ✅ (you know, it's always good to be prepared if it were to be in Leipzig).
Passport time to get my partners, mine and our up and coming hacker a passport: ✅ (If you're not in 🇸🇪, you may not know that it's like 5 months queue to get such a time-slot... 😖)

Super excited! :yayblob: :yayblob: :yayblob:

One of my parents: "It must be terrible to work as a doctor when you're off duty and have people you meet asking for random medical advice"

Also the same parent: "I need help with this computer thing"

Stockholm Marathon is today! 🎉

My start time is in 50 minutes.

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SCAM: Lightmoon IS NOT Kdenlive. Lightmoon is MALWARE.

We have been notified of a site that is using Kdenlive's name and likeness to distribute malware to users. We will not be linking to the site to avoid accidental downloads, but if a search lands you on a site offering "lightmoon", "a free video editor" that looks in the screenshots identical to Kdenlive, this is malware.

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See us at our booth at SecurityFest in Gothenburg, Sweden tomorrow!

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