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This is terrible

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If you are using #MeetUp it's time to look for an alternative provider: from November they will charge you $1 per RSVP of a FREE event, so if you have 1000 attendees RSVP-ing to your FREE meetup you as the organiser will be charged $1000 per meetup


🐦🔗: twitter.com/securestep9/status

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Hey fedi!

Where can I buy "Permanent Record" by @snowden in DRM-free formats? Both epub and audio is of interest?

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opinion: docker and stuff aren't a solution, they're a band-aid over the much bigger problem that modern computers are unmanageable messes.

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Yet another reason it's a good idea to move on from Twitter (and Facebook) to a decentralized option like Mastodon.

"Twitter took phone numbers users gave for account security and used them to target ads"


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scrolling over the london meetups list again, seeing entries like "Redis London" and picturing their conversations:
"I store values in keys"
"What a coincidence, I too store values in keys"

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minecraft mod that replaces endermen with geese. they act the same but the geese are more aggressive

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Wondering how ThinkPads have been doing. My experience with #lenovo #thinkpad laptop(s) from 2017 and newer has been:

So it appears that my default webcam in my work laptop is an IR-camera. With a really bad filter.

It's a ThinkPad T480s.

My biggest question of today is: Why would I want this to be my default webcam?

Re webcams: I haven't covered it because I mostly use the laptop with a closed lid or in a video conference. So covering it doesn't make much sense.

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I have two questions. I don't know the answer for either.

1) Why am I awake? Maybe I should give up and just go to work.
2) Why would anyone go for a walk at 0307?

TFW you're approved and you have installed the certificate and things seems to just work.

I think that's relief.

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TFW your certificate for your main work website runs out in 29 days and after two weeks finally got the buying of the new certificate approved by finance and wait for the Organizational Validation at the CA to approve you.

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To answer any questions about specs on the #PineTime, we now have a wiki page including full specs and datasheets!


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We as operators of chaos.social also wanted to set a sign for the world wide climate strike and added a custom mastodon art to our instance. The mastodon told us that they know quite well the consequences of climate change. So we gave them a sign to demonstrate together with us :)

If you want to add it to your instance too, you could find the SVG here: github.com/chaossocial/custom/

I noticed today that chaos.social have this custom mastodon elephant this Friday.

Thanks @ordnung, this made me happy ❤️

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Kinda saw that coming.

"Richard M. Stallman resigns — Free Software Foundation — working together for free software"


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