Question: Why does my trackpad work even though I've disabled it in the firmware?

I'm annoyed because now I have to actually configure X11 to disable it.

It gets more interesting. If the trackpad is disabled in the firmware, the buttons at the bottom doesn't work but it still moves the cursor.

If I enable it in the firmware the trackpad and it's buttons both works. So it's not a driver issue.

Conclusion: Disabling the trackpad in the firmware only disables left and right click.

@sa0bse sounds like you need an open source firmware ;)

@slaveriq Yeah... sure... You'd go ahead and build that for me. That would be great. ;)

@sa0bse oh dang, i can't. I'm busy not doing that.

That being said. it would be great with more hardware that has open source firmware.

@slaveriq Yeah, same. That's why I tried to outsource it ;)

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