We all know that Google (with Chrome-ium) has at least close to 90% of the browser marketshare on the internet.

Which is your primary browser on your computer?

Remember that Brave, Opera and Edge are Chromium derivatives. I consider Safari to be separate since it's Webkit and not Blink.

Retoot this to get more votes in.

@sa0bse Vivaldi was my main browser for PC but I switched to a new machine recently and I was too lazy to install it again so I use Firefox now because it was default in my system

@selfisekai I've forgot about Vivaldi, but that's Chromium as well... So yeah, that doesn't help with the Google monopoly. So good choice to switch over :)

@sa0bse but is really that kind of monopoly bad? I mean, when Google wanted to do changes to web extensions that would break ad blockers, Vivaldi said they were ready not to merge these changes and start their own extension store

@selfisekai Competition tend to make innovation happen in several ways. Especially it's great to have competition in implementations around open standards. An open standard isn't worth very much as a standard if there's only one implementation that works or that people use.

@selfisekai @sa0bse Mozilla did the same and Firefox is not based on Chromium. The big issue is with web APIs. How many Chrome APIs can be used for tracking? How many of the Chrome forks removed battery API or took a stance against PWA, NPAPI, Dart.

@sa0bse I've cast my vote, but I want to spell my response out in full.

I've implemented my own web browsers "Odysseus" and "Rhapsode", the former of which is WebKit-based. The latter uses it's own browser engine and outputs to eSpeak NG.

@alcinnz Wow, that's amazing! I'm happy to hear about both those projects, especially the later one :) Do you have a website for it so I can check it out?

@sa0bse Not a website, but here's it's repository:

It's quite early days but I'm already finding it useful to help me multitask.

All Chromiums have nonfree pieces. Firefox is pretty bad by default, but IceCat fixes all these problems.

@masterofthetiger @sa0bse Would love to hear why Firefox is bad, or what does IceCat fix.

Firefox pings Mozilla's server very often for many different reasons. It pings Google's servers. It defaults to Google search. It also includes some proprietary software.

IceCat implements a lot of different privacy and security measures, and does not make any unsolicited requests. It also removes all nonfree software, thus making it a fully free browser.


@masterofthetiger @sa0bse Nice, thanks for the clarification. Sounds like I need to try IceCat.

Yes, the only problem is that it can be a bit out of date. I have been trying to figure out why they have a hard time keeping up with updates.


@sa0bse I think I use Firefox the most on both desktop and mobile but I do also use Chrome/Chromium a lot though I'd prefer not to. Sometimes I use Opera. Yeah, the fact that most browsers actually use the same core codebase is...worrisome, for a lot of reasons.

@sa0bse qutebrowser, which sadly uses google webengine behind its back ^^v

@rick Seems to be Webkit more than Chromium/Blink though. So a bit less googly but still kinda the same rendering engine.

@rick That's probably an upgrade compatibility wise since Webkit seems... more and more dead nowadays.

I wish Mozilla's browser was more pluggable and easier to embed in other projects like Webkit...

@sa0bse yeah, thats what i wanted to say.. i would rather use an firefox based engine.. i rly like the vim style feeling of qutebrowser XD (shortcuts ftw xD)

@rick @sa0bse the old mozzila things that allowed you to run firefox’s rendering engine (i am not sure if i am formulating this correctly)

@epicmorphism @rick Yes! I used to run conkeror when it was viable. That was a browser based on xulrunner with emacs keybindings! It was great!

@sa0bse Firefox at home. IE at work (it's...a real thing). I use Chrome for personal browsing at work but that's just because I wanted to keep my personal browsing stuff in a separate space and we don't have Firefox.

@hummingrain IE sounds like it's not Edge, so it's actually the older one. That sounds painful 😅

In browser market share war, IE is probably better that modern modern Edge that will/is Chrome-based.

It feels weird to say those words...

@sa0bse @hummingrain middle Edge was actually weirdly sort of okay from a resource usage standpoint on my low spec lappie iirc. A tiny bit sad to see it go

@sa0bse #Firefox all the way, even with all of its blemishes. I sometimes flirt with Midori and I wish it was more stable, but I only use it for quick site checks.

I've used Edge UWP and Edgium for quite a while, but like month ago I started using Firefox for like seventh time now 😅

@Jeder sevenths time's the charm or something, I hope it sticks this time ;)

@sa0bse it's quite funny since my first time when using firefox was in 2006-7, and in fact it was my first browser i ever used, not IE, firefox 2.0. then i used IE6 for some time, opera 9.6x, changed OS to WinXP, IE8, chrome, got PC with vista just months before Windows 7 released, firefox 3.5 until about 10 or something, then again chropera, chrome, firefox and so on lol


I primarily use Qutebrowser on my personal and fallback to Firefox when I can't use that; Qutebrowser uses QtWebEngine which describes itself as a modified Chromium engine.

I do use Chrome on my work computer, through.

@sa0bse I use Firefox. Sometimes I am forced to use Chromium because Firefox for Linux is not perfect.

@Sapphaos @AngharadHafod @sa0bse I only have Firefox on Linux (Debian10), and I can't even imagine what kind of Firefox's imperfection would make me install chrome/chromium on my machine.

@marvinmep @AngharadHafod @sa0bse it think it's mostly because of me extensions, when i do web dev having a clean browser with 0 extension is quite useful

And yeah you can disable them in private mode but even that doesnt work sometimes (ex never worked on firefox for me)

@sa0bse Some friends of mine use Ecosia browser under Android (seems to be the only way to use their search engine per default on Android). Do you happen to know whether that’s a chrome-derivate as well?

@schokopflaster It seems to use the chrome backend on Android yes. Said so in the description in play store at least.

I mostly use Firefox on Android. Firefox Focus for one-off things (which was chromium on launch but runs on gecko now (at least according to the user agent)). And sometimes I run a bit of Firefox Preview because I like the UI on that one :)

@sa0bse I think this is skewed because Chrome is the browser for people who don't care about browsers, like iPhone is the phone for people who don't care about smartphones.

@sa0bse I use firefox, however I'm pretty sure Chrome uses Blink which is a fork of Webkit is it not? is it different enough to include it as separate?

@codeawayhaley As far as I've heard many frontend developers tend to think about older webkit and specifically Safari as "The new IE6" because it's so bad compared to everything else. So I think it deserves it's own option.

@sa0bse @codeawayhaley Interestingly there was a fair bit of disruption when WebKit moved to version 2 and added sandboxing. That's when Googled forked off Blink, and Midori took a bit of a haitus.

WebKit2 I find works perfectly well, though there are some rarely used JavaScript APIs it doesn't support like WebRTC or service workers. Then again I'm not interested in stress testing it, I think browsers are too complicated already!

Très représentatif de la population fréquentant masto.. 🙂


Waterfox - primary / personal
Firefox DE - work

@sa0bse huge selection bias on the Fediverse. Pretty sure the results would be quite different on Twitter.

@kicou Yes, that's what makes it interesting to me. It gives me a rough perspective of how people on fediverse select software. And it has given me some really interesting and fun insights into different people's workflow as well.

I'm not at all surprised with the result so far (except from the spread and the amount of votes). And that I'm really happy about! Because people on this platform seems to share my views and opinions.

It's not like I will use this data in any way really :)

@sa0bse I've over heard people at work joking that Firefox is included in our base SOE.

I put it in so that you can make a choice, damn it!

(They don't know I create the SOE)

@sa0bse I usually use Firefox, but I keep an eye on Web/Epiphany and Midori.

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