Surprise! That was unexpected. I have a fresh new T495 to pick up today! Going to replace my x250 :)

Come on UPS... I'm not happy with the current lag... Worse is, the package arrived to Denmark today and that's not really far...

Progress on my new laptop. Was supposed to arrive two days ago but got delayed. It will be fun to play with the at least :)

I've picked up 137 stickers for free today. They was part of a test print on a new printer. I'm planning to get more if I can. And I will bring them to .

Cut out middle is a pretty detail in there :)

Now waiting for the port check in to open. It's nice to not miss the ferry.

I'm now one with the at . Dust everywhere.

Also, teardown almost complete for today so we have an easy time packing and leaving tomorrow.

Good morning ! Today's date is: day 0.

I have just survived the first night and are very happy with the camp so far. I wonder if there's some people coming today or if it's a full day of

Proof that not everything with in the name is better. Here's me on on the ferry to pinging my VPS.

Lowest ping time: 615ms
Highest ping time: 4363ms
Average ping time: 966ms
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