@musicmatze Every community needs an extremist that pulls in the other direction from the rest of the world. Which he has done.

@musicmatze For sure he has done a lot of good work. But I also think that his role has been less and less important for the past 10 years.

But I think that for the past 10 years he has possibly done more harm than good because he's not a good leader figure for people to look up to.

If people who aren't already introduced to FSF ideologies and ideals would go to a talk with him, they would probably leave. After 3 minutes or so.

@mike Yeah, so that happened. I never thought that I'd would see that day.

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Kinda saw that coming.

"Richard M. Stallman resigns — Free Software Foundation — working together for free software"


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@tjg I know, I've been there before. But I want to visit a friend who lives there :)

@tjg I won't come to Vienna this time. But I will hang out for a bit in Prague both before and after NixCon.

@beegrrl It may be so that Keybase isn't right for me 😃

@beegrrl And for the longest time I've never understood keybase's trust model.

I upload my public key, and add a device and get a paper key thingy.

Then if I want to add another device I need to use another already trusted device or the paper key to authorize this. Because my GPG key that I take great care about and store on a smartcard etc isn't trusted to add another device to my account?

The whole paper key thingy is weird. And why isn't the most secure asset (imo) considered proof?

@beegrrl Some day I should build my own contact card system that validates online resources with gpg signatures. Any day now.

@beegrrl And yes, I totally see both sides of the issue.

@isagalaev 2) That's a mobile keyboard typo. "The amount of conversations". Mostly about browsers or other solutions that people use. Which has been very interesting :)

@beegrrl Hmm, well. I kinda mostly found it useless. The only thing I used it for was kinda a "contact card" with verified resources on other places. Then there was a lot of additional things.

But I would still like to have that contact card thing.

And now that sks is dead (long live sks) I would like a new distribution of gpg key signatures. The new keyservers doesn't do that which breaks web of trust.

@beegrrl Oh well, I don't have an account anymore. Mostly because I didn't use it for anything and mainly because of this issue: github.com/keybase/keybase-iss

@isagalaev I'm surprised by three points.
1) The amount of votes and notifications I've got
2) The amount of food conversations I've had with people
3) That chrome wasn't higher, I know that there's many die hard Linux users that use chrome. I thought it would be more visible here.

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