@DC7IA do you have 24080 static on your hotspot now?

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@sa7sse Yup. But no internet right now. (Well, unstable 32 kbit/s)

@sa7sse It's called moving to a new place and using mobile internet in Germany.

@DC7IA for how long will you live under those inhumane conditions?

@DC7IA 11 days until you get to sweden year ~2000? :)

@sa7sse 16.000 kbit/s, exactly.

Maybe I'll upgrade when I have enough money, but first month in my new flat I will have to see how much remains at the end of the month.

@sa0bse @DC7IA That was a bit evil... Also why is your internet so slow?

@slaveriq @DC7IA My down speed is as expected, but my upload speed this time was a bit slow. Not sure why.

@sa0bse @slaveriq Can we install some high-powered directional antennas to get fast internet to Germany? Who cares about the ping as long as it is fast..? :D

@DC7IA @sa0bse we already have that! But more like lasers and they are underground.

@sa7sse Ja, 7 MBit/s, men bättre än att ha 32 kBit/s.... :D

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