@doubleDensity even setup a horrible horrible hylafax setup with some fancy dialogic card.

@sa0bse I should do the same, some kind of coating seems to fall of and its impossible to get them clean

@sindastra @uint8_t @sa0bse I run ubuntu on servers :P Running arch on a server is scary!

@uint8_t @sa0bse yes, thats probably correct but also something one perhaps accept when running arch. But its also kinda defect that nextcloud doesnt track new releases from like alpha 1 to make sure that they are ready when it gets released.

All customers got access to php 7.4 alpha 1 where i work from day one.

@uint8_t php keeps 7.2, 7.3 as supported versions for some time, it usually works really well. PHP has been able to not create the problems python got with 2 vs 3

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@DC7IA getting a flatpack or something to run it would probably not be super hard

@DC7IA I now run cloudlog, written in php, uses mysql in backend and just works.

@DC7IA @slaveriq yes it works but who runs with !root syntax ? I don't think it's very common. You usually allow some group or user to run a command as a specific other user

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